Slant on shacking up and houseguests...

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Slant on shacking up and houseguests...

I had a residence sharing experience with someone who would take in any human; but not a helpless animal. I was asked to fix up the spare room for the unemployed mother and her husband. The spare room that stored seasonal clothing, linens, christmas tree and decorations, my dressing table, my computer, my craft stuff, etc. An 800 sq ft. apartment. Sure, no problem. I did it. Whatever.

I became sarcastically named "that lady" by someone's mommy. HaHa! Did I tell you?, no, never mind, that's not nice. I'm going to segway from the topic a bit here though. I've had two husbands. Both mothers in law adored me and begged me to take their sons back because I was the best thing that ever happened to them. Maybe, just maybe it wasn't me after all.

Anyway back to the soup kitchen for; relatives, friends, false start recovering addicts (shooting up in spare room), mind bending needy friends, dinner guests openly admitting to smoking crack on the way over, the neighbor wanna be femme fatale, also an addict. Who has kids, but wants to live in my house instead of her own 50 feet away. You get the idea.


A) Unemployed Circle Y or N
I'm sorry, actually no I'm not! If you breathe and
can sit in a chair, you can work.
B) No transportation Circle Y or N
Again, I'm not sorry. I financed a car. Know how?
A job.
C) Lack ambition or initiative Circle Y or N
Take a B-Vitamin. Pray. Do whatever. Just do it.

Applicants with a criminal history and actively using their drug of choice irresponsibly (polysubstance preferred) will be considered first.

Go ahead run the house guest thing past me. Now turn around so I can put my foot in your ass. Or did you want to stay facing me?

I was expected to oblige, tolerate, consider. While continuing to contribute financially to a household for the wayward? Can we even call it wayward? What is this state of mind or lack there of called? Either way, don't subsidize chemical dependency at the risk of your own humble abode. It's not worth your sanity.

My mother, father, brothers, daughters, work and live on their own. I've been down on my luck too. I get it. Really I do. Divorce, empty nest (<--that's a biggie), lost job, totaled car. Quickly replaced the income and car. I don't know one unemployed, homeless, without a car friend or relative. All of them have their own gig. If my peeps don't need to crash in the spare room, why do yours?

The thing that really frosts my butt is this. Being the complaint department 24/7. Listening to daily complaints about the house guests (of course they could never know this). When they finally do leave, being tortured with rants, lectures, opinions and a host of resentments, fault finding and pathetic neediness of the house guests someone invited!

Leave. Find your sanity somewhere else.
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Now turn around so I can put my foot in your ass. Or did you want to stay facing me?
Oh dang insulated- give a girl a warning! :rotfxko
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