round and round

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round and round

This is not good. I found out she is back with the one she used with for 4 years. She said for the last 1 1/2 yrs. it would never happen as she know how bad he was for her. Well she's back. Has not told me but it's easy to figure out. What made it really bad was that her daughter found out after she was told she was not seeing him. Mom lied to her.He is not sober. Is a very abusive alcoholic and drug user. A pro at manipulating. The future could be bad if it has not already begun. I feel so bad for my grandaughter, she does not want mom around him and can't understand why she would even want to be with him again.Addiction sucks!! I have met some wonderful people who work a program and take sobriety very seriously and are such unselfish caring people, I don't think she believes she has a problem. She feels she has it all under control. i feel she made one of the worst choices she could have made. Every time she went back to him it was hell.
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((Katie)) I'm sorry. Some of us (RA's) ARE in denial for quite a while.

My hugs and prayers for you, your daughter and your granddaughter!

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Keeping her in my prayers, Katie. It's so hard to watch them repeat past mistakes.

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Thank you for your prayers. I could tell gd was feeling bummed. She said when she saw him she just kept "giving him dirty looks". I had to chuckle on that one. I explained to her that it's o.k. to be angry about mom's choice and still feel love at the same time. That it's alright to stand up for herself and let mom know how she feels. i hope I said the right things. Sometimes I wish we could just take the gds and go far away!!!! We have a big job taking care of grandchildren when there is so much pain inside their little hearts and confusion.
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