Just dawned on me how long it's been

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Just dawned on me how long it's been

While out last night walking the dog talking to my sister it dawned on me that the problems with my DAS has been going on now for 6 years. That really stunned me. WOW .. still haven't heard from him since the incident with the name forgery but I'm sure he'll be back again.
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Time flies, even when you're not having fun.

I too shake my head when I think of how many years I wasted, how much money I spent enabling,
and how much of my life I gave up trying to save that which was not mine to save.

Keep walking your dog, take time for yourself, call a friend for coffee and
maybe find a few meetings and you will find that change can actually feel good.

Sending hugs and keeping your son in my prayers.
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Thank you it's exactly what I plan on doing. You're right too much money, too many tears and nothing is different. I'll keep walking my dog and looking for a new job and hope to keep healing.
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jacksdaughter: I too cringe when I ponder the question of just when did my son start using drugs/alcohol and how long did i go thinking it was just typical teenage stuff. Drug and alcohol use is hidden for so long from us that by the time we realize that's what we are dealing with, addiction has loomed very large in our loved one's life.

Keep standing strong. Please remember that coddling an addict can kill him/her. And does kill. What you're doing for your son right now is absolutely the best gift you can give him. It matters not if the addict agrees with you or not.
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When my IV using and alcoholic fiance' overdosed and died, a woman came to my home and said "that's why we broke up". That was over 10 years prior to us! I am now beginning to deal with the resentments I've acquired due to sooooo muuuuch wasted money, time, emotion, etc. My person got lost in this person and I'm not the addict. I think it's normal to feel some resentment and anger toward the waste of it all. It's not healthy to hang on to it though. I am starting to consider the whole event of three years a very hard life lesson.
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