Did what I think best for me why do I seem to feel worse

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Did what I think best for me why do I seem to feel worse

Went into the office today and told them I couldn't work there anymore. As previously posted really was very unhappy with the job, hated going there. Thought I would feel really releaved but only seem to be more agitated. I know I have to find another job and that's okay. Somehow I feel like I did something wrong. Any thoughts?
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((Jacksdaughter)) - even when I KNOW that I'm doing what is right for me, there are times I still feel a bit of guilt about not doing what is "expected" of being the good employee, or daughter, or whatever.

Maybe some of that is going on? Doing what is right for me, especially at first, felt very uncomfortable because I wasn't used to it...still does at times. I just keep telling myself that "it's okay" and take deep breaths.

Hugs and prayers!

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I'm sure you're right Amy I have never done anything this irresponsible in over 25 years. It just feels odd and I'm a little concerned about finding a new job, but I knew that when I planned this. Hoping to be a bit more relaxed with it tomorrow.
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Impurrfect said what I think quite well; just wanted you to know I empathize.

I'll throw this one in too:
I really really like to be liked. When I have to do something that others may not like, that need often gets in the way of me doing what is right for. I don't want anyone "mad" at me, or getting to be able to add to the "what's wrong with her list". Thing is, I am starting to discover that that kind of liking me does not always come with a great amount of respect.

(I suspect you are concerned over how your husband will react)

KNOW you did nothing wrong.

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Taking good care of ourselves is never wrong. Perhaps your feelings are nervousness about finding another job?

You'll be fine. That company will be fine. Life goes on and change happens.

Keep taking care of yourself and I think you will see soon enough that you made a good decision.

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