husband and daughter

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husband and daughter

my Husband is an alcoholic and addicted to pot. He is functioning A, though he has been to treatment in the past but does ok on beer. also smokes pot , I think he smokes it everyday, maybe several times a day. The one time he gave up alcohol after being inpatient treatment he still smoked pot. I have told him in the past he cannot smoke the pot as it is illegal, but he continues. I know he does because I can smell the smoke/air freshener. It upsets me so much, I don't say anything anymore. I am so depressed and think I need to go back to al-anon. I drink too much sometimes but am not physically addicted like him.
Adult daughter is a recovering meth addict, I think she still smokes pot too, or at least she tested positive for it in the spring and had to go back to treatment and lost her kids for 5 months.She does not live near us.
It really is wearing me out because I am stressed. I think maybe the pot smell is on my clothes? I don't know , I hate drugs!! I guess my only choice is to go back to al-anon?
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hi, ruby, sorry to hear about your husband and daughter, i pray they find their way soon. as you know, there is not much you can do to help them. alanon sounds like a great idea. imo, alanon is a life time deal. it helps me to keep my head above the waters. the effects of addiction seems to be so subtle, it can kind of sneak up on ya.

don't know many functional addicts that stays functional very long, addiction usually get progressively worse without a working plan of recovery, i'm a recovering addict and changing drugs/ cutting back with what some would call a lesser drug, never worked very long for me, it always eventually led me back to my drug of choice. i pray this is not the case with your loved ones and i will keep them and you in my prayers.

i do understand how stressful all of this can be, remember, try to keep the focus on you. good to see you are going back to alanon.
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Give the Alanon a try. It is helpful to share your "burden" with someone even if you don't talk about what the specifics of it are. Just to be in a room with other people who have been in your shoes and to see the knowing, concern and compassion reflected in their faces will make you feel less alone. It always helps me even though I don't want to need the help. xoxo
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Hi Ruby. Alanon, and getting f2f support will help you alot. Keep reading and posting here too. That saved my sanity when I had a front row seat to addiction.
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