Happy thanksgiving

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Happy thanksgiving

Well, here it is yet another year is soon to pass. Wish I could say that everything is wonderful now, but still cannot. Although my son is still out of prison, something inside tells me he is still not serious about his recovery.

Anyway, he and the gf and the gf's boy will be here today for Thanksgiving Dinner. How sad that I am scared to death to see what he looks like. Remember the gf said he was very thin.

Oh well, I'm bracing myself for whatever.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and all is peaceful at your homes.

Hugs, Devastated
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Happy Thanksgiving to you, too ((Dev)). Just remember...your son has it in him to turn things back around and be grateful for that. I know it's hard to see him when he was doing so well, and now he's not and I'm sorry, but I did the same and I finally got tired of the addiction roller coaster. I'm praying he does, too.

Hugs and prayers!

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Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Dev. Enjoy your holiday, keep your boundaries, except when it comes to that extra piece of pie.
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Happy Thanksgiving Dev. Try to enjoy the day and be thankful that your son is with you. Thats what I'm doing. My son will be here and so far~~he's clean. I'm praying this continues every day. Love you all, Bonnie
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Happy Thanksgiving Dev and best wishes for y'all.

None of us qualify for a Norman Rockwell cover
(only we senior foxes will get my small joke!)
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Nice to hear from everyone today....and hope we all have good things to report for tomorrow.

My Granddaughter called to say hello and happy Thanksgiving. It's the first thing I've heard from her in a long while. She is fine and so are the children, but naturally her living conditions are still a mess. Remember, she decided to go to live with the grandfather, who already had his eldest dysfunctional daughter living there and doesn't like the idea of the gd and children living there too! OMG!

For today, I'm going to try really hard to have a good time.

Hugs, Dev
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Originally Posted by CarolD View Post
Happy Thanksgiving Dev and best wishes for y'all.

None of us qualify for a Norman Rockwell cover
(only we senior foxes will get my small joke!)
This semi-senior gets it

Indeed, Dev, we may not be what Hallmark had in mind, but we sure can make a good day out of dysfunctional ones.

Happy Thanksgiving to you any my favourite Italian "bello eroe" (that's supposed to mean handsome hero...I hope it didn't say green goose, lol)/

Lots of Hugs and Love
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Happy Thanksgiving, Dev.


CarolD, Funny you should mention Norman Rockwell, as I was thinking about that the beginning of this week, and how our dysfunctional families are certainly more realistic.
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Happy Thanksgiving Dev, and to all of the SR fam of SA-ers. I wish you all peace and serenity.
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Hope your day turned out better than you thought, Dev. I try to enjoy each moment and not fret too much about what next since i finally figured otu that does no good
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Hi All:

Well, hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Day and your children were there with you.

Ours was actually pleasant!! Must have been all those prayers out there. LOL

John looked thin, but was very pleasant with lots of hugs for both me and Mr. Dev. He ate a lot and that made this Italian mother very happy!

Oh Ann, you are so funny! Yes, that is the way you say handsome hero. My, my, you are getting this Italian stuff down pat. Hmmm, are you planning to bump me off? Just to let you know, there is a waiting list. LOL

Anyway, thanks again to everyone here and now let's all look forward to getting through the next holiday with joy and laughter! Wow, that would be so nice.

Love to you all,

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I am so glad your holiday was good, how nice it is when we can spend some peaceful time with our family. I cherish everyday my son is clean because there is always that fear................. Julie
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Thrilled to hear that things went well! Keeping feeding him and fatten him up.

Best wishes for you and your family.
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