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Originally Posted by ninja View Post
Methadone- I can respond to this one. This is my first post. I'll introduce myself later. My boyfriend has been on methadone for two years and is starting to reduce dosage now. He started the program for an addiction to codeine. Of course codeine wasn't his only addiction! He abused alchohol and any drug he could get his hands on. Legal and illegal.

So, has methadone helped? Yes, I have to say it has. He has remained under control with his addictions.

Is he cured? By no means this program has given him the opportunity to experience life without his cravings being the centre of his life. He has learned to enjoy a sober life but that doesn't mean he won't relapse.

Has he had relapse while on the methadone? Yes, but he is urine tested frequently and a relapse means he cannot take methadone home and must have every dose witnessed. He hates that.

Has he abused methadone? Yes. He has taken double doses in an attempt to get high. The consequence of this is withdrawl. This is living hell. It's exactly like a heroin withdrawl. We have to call an ambulance and the hospital is not sympathetic. The program will not give you an extra dose because you screwed up. His bad. He also has to go back to daily witness of doses for a period of time.

Is this trading one addiction for another? Of course it is! Did I mention this is exactly like heroin??? This program is all about harm reduction and is a long term program. It's much safer than soaking the buffer out of 100 Tylenol 1s and drinking them in a water suspension after putting it through a coffee filter to get high!!!! And this is only if the opportunity to get cocaine or crystal meth is not available!!!

Do I think this has helped after two years of daily methadone doses? Believe it or not - yes. He's alive and learning a different way to live that is without the drama of abuse and doing well all things considered.
Thank you for sharing your story. I hope he does well getting off of it. J was taking 20 or more pain pills per day everyday. He was pretty much down to non functioning right before I left and several times I thought he would die in his sleep. I hope that he makes the right decision for him and that he gets better whether we are together or not.
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