Need help finally confronting wife....

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I'm now starting to think she is mixing Xyrem and Adderall (but that is my opinion). It is like she'll get almost drunk, but not from alcohol. Very talkative and "happy". But, eventually in a couple of hours, sleepy.
A few other continual things that happen through all this is over-using benadryl (in one instance 100 pills in a few days... coincidentally when she ran out of Xyrem), over-using Tussinex (prescribed for cold, contains vicodin... disappears much faster than it should), I *think* excessive Robitussin use, but I am not sure about that one. I know I have bought her 5 bottles in the last month, which is more than I would have used in the last few years.
Tyler, having had an AH I've seen the same thing with him. It's heartbreaking. He was there but not there most of the time. I know how you feel, like you are losing the person she once was, and you are. She has become a substance abuser. She uses over the counter drugs like drugs because she is a nurse. She knows what will get her drunk/intoxicated.

You are doing well to detach and that takes practice, but it's not a cure all when she is still living under your roof abusing drugs.

Your doing well not to contribute to her continued use. They hide behind the fact that it's Dr's prescribing pills to them, and that it's okay, but it's not. More people are ending up in rehabs today due to pill abuse, and addiction. And many are not. Many are losing there entire families for their pills/drugs.

The narcolepsy could be just withdrawls and problems from being on the other drugs (over the counter or not), these are not allowing her to sleep. It's a vicous cycle, and in her mind, she needs more to sleep after a while.

My prayers and sympathies to you, and I pray she wakes up to what she is doing. May God help you make the right decisions in the near future.

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