Part 3 - the continuing saga

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Part 3 - the continuing saga

All I can remember saying is "from my lips to God's ears!" For the past few months I've been saying to Mr. Dev, "I wish I had a baby to care for!" He, immediately got excited about that because he thought I was suggesting something else! Whew, straightened that out immediately!

That's when we got the call about taking the 2-1/2 yo and the new baby boy due November 15th. Ugh, 3 days before my son's birthday. His grandchildren!

Let me tell you, we were very excited over the prospect of having babies to care for and immediately made plans to shop, even over the protest of Mr. Dev who said (wait minute, Mamma, you go too fast!) Not me!

By the end of the day I had purchased everything the children needed. That was four months ago!

On Monday, this week, I get the phone call about taking in both babies and the GD, as GD was graduating and had no place to live, and because she had complied with the court she will be allowed to keep her children. That's a good thing.

She was very happy and was grateful that we were standing by just in case! What? I didn't know it was a case of "just in case!" Social worker forgot to tell me that.

She also forgot to tell us that GD had planned to live with the maternal grandfather, but now his house wasn't approved, and he wasn't sure he wanted them there. GD said there wasn't any room, and she would have to sleep on the floor. Can we take them all in?

We expected two children and now we have the whole family. OK, after praying and thinking about it over and over, we decide to give the whole family a new beginning!

We were all set to pick her and the first child up tomorrow, but now got the call from the social worker saying the GF has agreed to allow them to stay there at his home. Therefore, we're out of the picture.

Of course, in the meantime, I had made all arrangements to have her checked by OBGYN here to get her established so arrangements can be made for the baby's arrival on Nov. 15th. Once again, jumping the gun!

Can't tell you how bummed we are about the babies!

Social worker said they both agreed it would be easier for GD to finish up court appearances if she lived there, since we were 3 hours away.

So, there you have it, tomorrow we will travel 3 hours to bring all the babies things to her grandfather's house.

I don't feel this is the end of the story either. Want to bet she calls a month from now and decides she can't stay there? If that happens, I don't know what we will decide. We will take the children, but will have to think long and hard about taking her in.

Maybe I won't answer the phone! LOL

I do believe that everything works out the way it is suppose to. I don't even fight it anymore. I refuse to worry either 'cause we all know in the end, things play out the way GOD plans it.

I do wish, however, HE would get more organized!

Hugs, Devastated

thanks for listening to my on-going saga!!
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All that baby lovin' going on and no babies to lavish it on, what's that about? I guess God knows the big picture, and we have to wait until the page turns to see where the story is going to go. If you don't end up receiving the little ones, maybe foster baby who needs you would be a good way to let that love out!

Best wishes to you both!

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YEP, you're right about the foster baby! Thinking on it.

Hugs, Dev
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Are you seriously considering the possibility of fostering a baby? I think that could be a wonderful and rewarding idea. Let us know how this thought materializes.
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Dev, I have to say that the social worker is doing a darn poor job. Bad communications to start with, and then having her live with him? Sounds unethical to me.

Regardless of all that, at least the babies are safe for now. I too don't think this story is over, but I hate to see you jerked around like this.

I'll be back tomorrow to read this all again. Your life really is a book.

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I have pictures of this new fangled " baby-proofed" house and Dev and Mr. Dev are having a little trouble lifting the lid off the toilet, opening a cabinet door and so on. Oh my stars.

Sounds like the guy upstairs thought things were getting just a little to normal in the Dev houshold and wanted to make sure you still knew how to say " how" high" , when he asked you to jump.
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Personally, I don't give gd a month before she calls and says it's not working out at the gf's house, but we'll see. I have a feeling you and Mr. Dev will have little ones in your arms, absolutely soaking up all the love and affection in the very near future, whether they are your family or fosters.

Sending hugs and prayers to all of you!

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