Shouting and slaming doors?

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Shouting and slaming doors?

Courage to Change – October 13

Al-Anon Meetings opened my eyes to something I had never thought about before: Shouting and slamming doors were not the best way to handle an already difficult situation. While there may be no harm in occasionally letting off steam with a raised voice, shouting can become a destructive habit. I’d never thought to ask myself if this was how I wanted to behave. Did this behavior get me what I wanted or encourage me to feel good about myself?

When I took a good look, I realized that the answer to this question was, “No.” Loud, angry words and actions demonstrated my frustration and pushed away all hope for peaceful solutions to my problems.

The slogan that helps me back to a rational state of mind is “Easy Does It.” When I use this slogan to quiet myself on the inside, it is easier to quiet the outside as well.

I am seeking a saner approach to everything I encounter. The slogans can be valuable sources of sanity in chaotic situations. Today, if I am tempted to act out of anger or frustration, I will remember that “Easy Does It.”

“I will try to apply “Easy Does It” to every incident that might increase the tension and cause an explosion.” One Day at a Time in Al-Anon
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I have used this reading several times, especially early in my recovery.

I am a recovering "throwing and screamer"

I learned at an early age by watching the adults in my life about throwing things and yelling about everything!

This is NOT who I wanted to be.

I applied the slogans, prayer, journaling, working the steps, calling my sponsor - and most of all - when I found myself - yelling or throwing things - STOPPING in the middle of it and saying "This is not who I am anymore"
Making amends to the person I was yelling at AND making amends to MYSELF.

I then had to take a look at what was driving that anger - fear, control, lack of self-esteem, trying to keep others away?

In the end, making a peace with me and with the God of my understanding has helped me tremendously with the skill of communication and venting my anger/frustrations in a healthier manner.

I still have the occasionally desire to slam a door or fling a telephone across the room - but the tools of the program jump in and save me from myself and restore me to sanity.

I put my emotions thru the steps and that leads me to healing. I find out what is truly going on with ME and ask my God to help me to process it in a healthier way.

Wishing you Love, Joy and Peace,
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I was born slamming doors, I think, and shouting too. It's been a long time and today I think it would scare me. I did that for years, now how out of control was that?

Thanks for posting this Japic, makes me grateful to be in a more peaceful frame of mind.

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