Happy Birthday-My Son

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Happy Birthday-My Son

Whats a birthday
Without the croud
Whats a birthday
When all your thoughts are doubt
Whats a birhtday
Without a birthday gift
Whats a birthday
When the pain cant make a lift
Whats a birthday
Without the birthday cake
Whats a birthday
When all you know is fake
Whats a birthday
When all run wild
Whats a birthday
Without the birthday child
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Oh, Maggiemac, my heart aches for you. So much.
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Thinking of you Maggie. These "firsts" are so very difficult. I hope you can remember some of the happier birthdays and take comfort in the precious gift of memories of your son. Hugs and prayers.
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My heart is with you, sweetie. I can't even imagine how hard this day must be, but I am sending you many, many hugs and prayers and lots of love.

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Thinking of you, on this special day.
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My thoughts are with you during this difficult time.
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I just lit a candle for you and your son.
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Maggie, I'm keeping you and your son in my prayers each day.

I think grief is harder on occasions like this. It takes a long time before the good memories of occasions past replace the pain you feel today.

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maggie, lots & lots of hugs coming your way.
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((((Maggie)))) God bless you and give you peace this day.
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Thinking about you Maggie, wish I could give you a big (((hug))).
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(((Maggie))) 's
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I couldn't even imagine. My paryers are for you today. :praying
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Prayers and wishes for you and your son.
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Thoughts and prayers are with you. I do hope today is a better day.
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I am so so sorry I didn't catch your post earlier, Maggie! Praying that time will ease the pain for you. :ghug2 :ghug2
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I am proud of you for continuing to post your pain here. And honored that you share with us. Keeping putting one foot in front of the other, Maggie. Keep getting up every day, even if it does feel like you are faking it. That is actually the right way to get yourself through the pain and onto the other side of it. It just takes a lot of time. Keep walking, Maggie. You are doing fine. Peace and love.
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Just thinking of you Maggie.
Sending good thoughts and hugs.
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