Happy Birthday Impurfect!!!!

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Happy Birthday Impurfect!!!!


Amy, Hope you have a day filled with Love, Joy, Peace and lots of CAKE!!


Love and HUGS,

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Happy happy birthday, Amy!!!!!!

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learning to live for me
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Happy Birthday Amy!
Thank you for the beautiful woman that you are!
You're a shining example of double winner recovery
And are a great parent to your niece too.
May this year be everything you deserve...and more!
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((((((Amy)))))) You are a beautiful soul, Miss Amy! Have a wonderful day today!!!
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Amy, You are one beautiful lady! Wishing you a beautiful day filled with love & peace.

Been thinking alot about you lately, hoping you have not been hurt in the floods.

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grateful rca
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hoping you're having a good one with many more to come.
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Happy Birthday and wishing you a purrfect year!
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Happy Birthday, Amy.

May today be as wonderful as you are

and may this year bring you birthday wishes come true!!

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Yea AMY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you all!

We missed the floods...they were a bit farther north. However, where I work is in one of the counties that was hit really hard. Apparently, work survived, though, or I would have heard something by now.

I'm sick. I think it's bronchitis I never got rid of from a couple of weeks ago and if I don't get some sleep soon, Anvil is going to send Bucky and Della to lay on me so I can't move and HAVE to go to sleep.

Hugs and prayers!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! :day6
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Hope your day is as special as you are! I love reading your posts and
seeing how much you've grown in your recovery.

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Happy Birthday, Amy. :day6
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Happy Birthday Amy. Wishing you the best on your special day. Hugs, Marle :day1
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Happy Birthday Amy~~~~~Hope your enjoying your day...Hugs, Bonnie
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:day7 :day7 :day7

Happy Birthday, Amy!!!!
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Just plainly tired
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I am sorry Im a little late in this but I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!

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So sorry Amy.....I'm late too!

Happy belated Birthday sweetie! I hope you had a really good day. Thank you for all you do!9
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