What Can Happen!

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What Can Happen!

Hi Everyone,
While I was at work today(Cafeteria in a University) this man came, I glanced at him, somethng about him reminded me of a man I used to know from school, who was charming, good looking, girls loved him. I glanced again at him and thought no, that is not him. He came to my till, he said HI! How are you! I said Larry? He said yes. He said I am so sorry to hear about your husband...then he said I got really sick, did you know? No I said, but I knew something must have happened to him, his whole appearance was just so different. He, his wife and two children did live by us about 15 years ago, for about 2 years.

He asked if I could go for a coffee, so I did. He told me he got sick 5 years ago, that he and his wife were very heavy into crack, he said using when they lived by us. He said he was at work one day driving a loaded cement truck, got to the job, got out of his truck, went to talk and he fell to the ground with a seizure. He woke up in the ambulance and they asked him if he knew is name and he could not remember, looked out the window and had no idea where he was. He said he has never been so scared in his life. He spent 3 years in the hospital, he said that was constantly having seizures, had brain surgery and also went into many comas.

He lives in a home for people who have brain injuries, will probalby never drive again. His wife is living on the streets and is still using. He said he tried to look after his kids but he is not well enough and they are in foster home.

I don't know why I am so shocked, anything to do with drugs isn't surprising. I guess I was so taken back from his appearance of what drugs did to him and how it destroyed yet again another family. I have read that crack can cause seizures, but I had yet to know of anyone who it happened to.

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Pretty sad story rose. If only more of those type of people could get their stories out it might just help someone along the way. Smiles, Bonnie
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I've seen it and it's pretty darn sad. And sadly, the damage is often permanent.

That said, this man is in a better place today than his wife who is still using. Now isn't that sad, too.

It's nice you talked to this man, Rose, I think the conversation helped both of you in different ways.

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It is often permanent. My RAbf is living proof. A man in the prime of his life who can't drive or remember simple things.
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That is so sad, Rose. But thank you for sharing it. It is good to know what these drugs can do to people who use them, to remind myself WHY I do not want them in my life. I understand that kidney failure can happen just as abruptly in people who are addicted to prescription medications.
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What was he doing in a university cafeteria? Is he able to take classes, or work there?

Just curious.

What a surreal experience. I feel so sorry for his children, robbed of any sort of normal childhood with their biological parents. I hope the foster system is working for them.

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Yes he is taking some courses there, Adult Basic Education. I feel for those kids to, like he told me, they were using when they lived by us and that was 15years ago, his oldest daughter is turning 18, so they have lived with addicted parents from the get go.

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prayers going out for the man, his wife still out there using and most of all for those precious little ones

May their HP help them find a way to heal from this tragedy!
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