Some Inspirtation on this fine Wednesday Morning...

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Some Inspirtation on this fine Wednesday Morning...

Thought I would share some positive vibes. I have no idea where this came from but a friend of mine posted it on facebook:

There are more days than not that I walk down the path forgetting to look over my shoulder. To see the journey I have traveled with loved ones behind me, beside me, and holding my hand. Its easy to forget the times we have been strong for another, weak for another, and loved by another at one or more points in our lives. That we have battled loss, regrets, and heartache daily as a reminder that yes, we are still human. The courage it takes for some of us to roll out of bed each day and face life head on. To find that we forget daily that it is the small things that bring beauty, joy, and happiness into our lives. Its not all about money, prestige, or things that keep us alive each day. Sometimes all it takes is a smile from a stranger, an ear from a co-worker, or a hand from your child. Life...a funny often sad crazy mixed-up world of rules we follow, bend, and break all to often. Only to wake up another day and start all over. So why not enjoy life to the fullest. Live, laugh, and love like its your last day. Compliment, share, and believe in others. And find hope and faith that there is a better today in all of us.

Have a great day!
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Thank you so much...I needed that today. I have a mountain to climb today and it helped me get some perspective.
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I just came back from visiting in my home town and I had dinner with a friend who has been my friend since early childhood (over 50 years). We have been through all our happy times, weddings, children, special moments, as well as our sad times of deaths, crisis and loss, and the moments we remember best and recall often are those when we laughed looking back on the fun times we have had.

It's often the smaller moments that stick, it's those moments when memories are made that last a lifetime and bond a friendship.

Reading this today, I am reminded to be grateful for the small things that are really the things that matter most. As I write this a beautiful sunrise is forming outside my window, God's sign that another wonderful day is about to unfold.

Thank you for the inspiration and reminder to say "Thank you God, for the small things in my life"

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