I'm a Grandma!!!!

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Talking I'm a Grandma!!!!

Hi to all,

I'm now a grandma!!!!!

I don't come on too much lately, my RAD has over two and a half years clean and has been on a good path since rehab.
On Monday the 31st she had a baby boy! She and her boyfriend were not together very long when she became pregnant, but he's about the best thing that ever happened to her (other than being clean).
Logan weighed in at 8 lbs 5 oz and 21 inches long! Mom is only 5'2" and weighed about 105 before she became pregnant, so for her to pop out that big a baby is a miracle!
The only problem is she couldn't stand the epidural and after much debate opted for some pain relief (drugs!) By that time she was about 22 hours into labor and just needed something to take the edge off. She was terrified to take it but after much reassurance from the midwife that it would wear off quickly and her chances of relapse were very small, she decided that it was medicine, not drugs. I can't believe that I advised her to take drugs!! Time will tell if it was the wrong thing to do.....
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Congratulations!!!! Nice to hear some good news. Glad everyone is happy and healthy.
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Congratulations, Grandma!
What wonderful news! Thank you for sharing with us.
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Congratulations grandma!!!

I'm glad everyone is healthy. I've got about the same amount of recovery time, and have had to take occasional pain medicine for legit pain and have not had any problems holding onto my recovery....we just keep recovery a priority

Hugs and prayers!

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Good news all the way around, I'm very happy for you all! My son was the exact same weight and height......21+ years ago!
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What wonderful news all around for you and your family.
What a blessing.
You are one lucky G' Ma
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grateful rca
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congratulations grandma. glad to hear that all in well.
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Congratulations Grandma. Hugs, Marle
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Congrats Grandma! Grandma's ARE SOOO SPECIAL. Mine was amazing and I have a son who is 4 months old tomorrow and he LOVES his Grandma!! I am sure you will be such a special addition to your Grandson's life!

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congratulations!!! being a grandma (or mine call me ReeRee) is awesome!!

praying all continues to go well with her recovery!!

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Congratulations! welcome, precious miracle!
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Congratulations!!!! I'm really happy for you!
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Enjoy Gramma~~~~~grandbabies are the best!!! and I'm so happy for your daughter.
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Blue..congrats & big hugs grandma. I havn't been on in awhile but what a wonderful surprise. Hoping for pics soon..
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Congratulations to mama, baby and grandma too, I just love new babies.

Good news about your daughter too, sounds like she's on a good path now.

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I love babies... especially grandbabies!

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