Daughter just left for college

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Thumbs up Daughter just left for college

Who would have thunk that, huh? She has 15 months clean and I believe a good chance to make it this time. I have mixed emotions because I loved having her close. Just take it one day at a time and I will get used to the new normal. So everyone, there is hope and miracles do happen. Hugs, Marle
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Oh Marle - how bitter sweet! You must be so proud of her! What a testament to all addicts out there that there is hope. Congratulations to you and your dd.
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Wonderful news Marle! Congrats to you and your daughter.
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Oh Marle, I understand about the mixed emotions.

Sending you a gentle hug from one mama to another this evening. :ghug2
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Congrats, best wishes to your daughter and that just put a big smile on my face!
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Hugs, Marle. I know how you feel. I've had one that left for college (empty nest) and one that struggled with drugs (addict child heartbreak). Now, both are -- fingers crossed -- finding their way on a good path, but not nearby their mama right now! I pray that your daughter finds success and has the strength needed to succeed. She has a great start, it sounds like. Take care and do something totally "spoil-me" for yourself tonight, and every day this week. Take the focus off her, and put it where you can have fun with it, on you. You deserve that, just like any other mom who has a child/young adult heading off to college this fall. It ain't easy, surviving the empty nest, but knowing what we know about alternatives to college, I way prefer losing them to college than the streets...

Peace and love and a huge congratulations, to both you and your daughter.
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((((Marle)))) Very happy for you and Megan but I understand the mixed emotions. It's wonderful being around our daughters when they are clean and working recovery - She'll be missed but how joyous to watch her fly!
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Fabulous news, Marle. What a milestone !

BTW, what happened to the BF?
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marle...I'm so glad she's doing so well, and pray that this absense between you both will only cause the bonds of love & trust to become even stronger. To think of how far she has come and how her life is right now...makes me happy & proud of you both.
((((marle)))) ((((daughter)))
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(((Marle))) - I'm so happy that she is moving forward with her life, but I can understand how hard it must be to not have her close by. I'm incredibly proud of both of you...especially YOU with your awesome recovery!

Hugs and prayers!

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How fortunate for her to be going to college!!!!!

That is wonderful news!

As for the mom/daughter relationship - like everything - change is forever constant. I like how you said the "new normal".

Peace and Love oxxo
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who woulda thunk it, indeed!
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Not so long ago you and I had very sick children. We are lucky that
the miracle came. My son moves into his own apt. today after completing
18 mos of treatment.

Recovery and redemption does happen...

Luckily, we took the opportunity to blossom while we waited.

So very happy for your good news Marle. Way to Go !!!
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That tickles my heart Marle, how wonderful that she is on a better path and moving forward in her life.

Don't worry, she may be leaving the nest but they always come back....when the laundry needs doing and home cook meals are on their mind.

I'm proud of her and proud of you too, it's not been an easy journey for either of you but you shine today and bring hope to all of us.

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She will be coming home on weekends because she must still work a job to make money to pay her bills. She really is only a bit over an hour away so it is not like she fell off the planet but you all know how that still feels to this (still a bit of a codie) mom. She called last night and has made a friend with one of her roommates. I really want her to succeed and have a positive college experience but there are still those memories of how college went the first time. She is older and wiser so I am hoping that that translates into a more mature attitude this time. She has already made plans to go to an NA meeting women's group and has a tentative sponsor. She changed Suboxone doctors and her new doctor has a group that meets twice a month. And once she is under my insurance again she plans to see a counsellor to try to deal with her anxiety and eating disorder. So she is willing to help herself, knows her limitations and knows that support is just a phone call away. So now the future is really up to her. Oh and one other thing is that she won a small scholarship recently from the organization that my husband belongs to. That was sort of icing on the cake so to speak. I go back to work tomorrow so I will be busy. Also it is my month to chair my Tuesday night meeting so thinking of a topic will keep my mind busy. My husband is still working in Harbor Springs so he is 150 miles away. I visit when I can and he comes home when he can. It has been a nice, but busy summer. Hugs, Marle
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Outtolunch, Megan is trying to end it with the boyfriend but he is being a bit persistent. Nothing mean, he just continues to try to hang on to something that is no longer there. Megan does not want him to know where she is living because she does not want him to try to be hanging over there all the time. Supposedly he is going back to school for welding but like everything else he has told her, I think that this is a lie too. He has told so many. But something in me thinks that maybe this a one of those what goes around comes around scenarios. Megan told her share of lies during addiction and now she is the one trying to figure out why the ex lied so much. I tell her that she will never figure it out and it is what it is Hugs, Marle
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congrats to megan shes worked hard to get back on her feet, and congrats to you mom..........its been a rough road for you I am happy to see some peace and happy outcomes for you and your family
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Marle: Thanks for the wonderful tidbit of news!!

I know the mixed feelings with your child (even though young adult) moving away to college, a job, etc. I have 2 sons (not addicts) who live far, far away (6 hours and 20 hours). I still really miss them at times even though it has been 3 years that they've been gone. When they come to visit, the day after they leave the house is very quiet and very empty.

I'd said a prayer for you and your daughter, Marle.
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Thumbs up for Megan. I wsh her luck and you the serenity you so rightfully deserve. You'll miss her but this is a step in the right direction for the rest of her life.....
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Marle, Congrat's to both you & Megan. I hope you will find fun things to do while enjoying your "new normal"
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