Daughter just left for college

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super news

Hi Marle,
I have just popped in to see your spectacular news. This makes my heart sing. My daughter has around the same amount of clean time. Great to see she is doing so well. - JG
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grateful rca
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oh marle i'm so happy to hear the good news. i remember when, and i'm so proud of the both of you. best wishes to you both,you are still in my prayers.
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Wonderful wonderful news! Congratulations to both of you!
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Aw Marle, congrats to your daughter for getting her education-- and hugs to you.

My daughter just left for college again.... and she's all the way in fla!! I cried for days.

I walk by her room and have to shut the door. She is my rock, she is my peace.... she is amazeing.... and she is 'gone'. It's so difficult. In addition, she is studying in SPAIN this year (next semester), there are times I feel like I will loose my mind-- having her so far away.

HOWEVER, as we know..... we aren't supposed to have things in life 'forever', even our own children.

I guess we have to take solace in the knowledge that they are doing exactly what we wanted..... moving on to be productive, educated, loving adults. We did our job.

Now what do we do???? Lol.

Guess it's about finding ourselves now too........................

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Just stopped in for a bit and this wonderful news popped up. I am so happy to hear that Megan has continued to do so good. Congratulations to you both!

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Oh Marle,
I am just so happy for you and Megan. Its truly a miracle. So so so happy and grateful to hear this wonderful news !!
Much love to you, your hubbie, and your girl !!!
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Congrtulations to you and Megan!!

I can't tell you how happy I was to read that Megan is going back to school.
Life is Good!

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One other thing is that Megan has worked now for over a year in a waitress job and she has never missed a day of work or been late and she works extra shifts whenever needed. This in spite of the fact that she has a boss that sexual harasses her and treats her like ****. I know for a fact that this happens because I know a couple of the other waitresses and they both have told me that he is extremely mean to her. And yes we have paperwork to file a sexual harassment lawsuit and have talked to a lawyer but Megan does not want to make money off from this. She just wants to be allowed to work her job in peace. So a lot of stress she has learned to work through and has not resorted to drugs in order to cope. Hugs, Marle

Do I sound like a proud mom. Well I am!!!!
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Marle, I am just delighted for you and her both.

She has certainly demonstrated a willingness to stay the course in recovery, despite some difficult circumstances.
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Marle..Stopped by to see how everyone was doing & am sooo glad Megan is doing well. What wonderful news that she is still working so hard on her recovery. Sweet
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