Ways SR has helped me

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Ways SR has helped me

Anyone who wants to add to the ways SR has helped plese feel free

I was rereading my post and the replies as well as my final outcome on that issue, and so many other times that having SR came to mind

so I thought I would share...
1. nights my AH was out and i was racked with grief and fear for his life......many of my friends here stayed up all night just typing back and forth offering support (special hugs for my friend Live, and the others you know who u r )
2 The recovering addicts here have shown me it is possible to recover from addiction
3. the moms here show me that women have a strength that I never believed was possible
4. I have a place to vent
5. people who really understand
6. i'm never alone in this I have SR and the wonderful friends here
7. I see what real codie Recovery looks like in the many who have changed their lives for the better
8. I have learned and accepted the 3 c's
9. the recovering addicts have shown me that RELAPSE HAPPENS but repeated use isnt relapse its active addiction
10. I have learned relapse isnt part of recovery but its not the end of hope either

I could go on and on but how about I leave some space for others to add.
Thanks you SR friends and many many of you that have touched and improved my life..
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thanks for starting this!!

I have "met" some of the most amazing, loving and courageous people here!
Their strength, courage and wisdom has helped me in my journey to living Happy, Joyous and FREE.

When my Addict daughter was in jail and it was unhealthy for me to be a part of her life - the recovering addicts here - gave me love, support and maybe even let me "Momma" them a little.

I learned the best gift I can give myself, my loved ones, my HP and the world is a healthy, responsible, respectable me. AND SR help provide the tools for me to become that woman!

Like Lies - I would like to say "Thank You" to each of you - I may never see you face to face - give you real life hugs - but I hold you in my heart as my special recovery family!!!

HUGS (hope, unity, gratitude and Serenity)
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I have to say that I'm a little surprised at the lack of posting on this thread.

I have been and continue to be so thankful for SR and the friends I've made on here. My two best friends in the whole world have come off of SR and I will probably never have the gift of meeting them either but I know that they are always there for me (as I am them) and they will never be anything but honest with me when I'm screwing up and be my biggest cheerleaders when I'm making progress.

Progress or not, I know I can count on SR to steer me the right way again - SR is like GPS for my life. I hate to think of where I would be right now if I had never found this site and I am so grateful for where I am today - the education, the terminology, the shared victories and defeats, the heartache and pain and the triumph over self-will and co-dependency.

It's almost scary to know that we are not just "one of those people" and we are not the exception to the rule. It's a shame but I really am grateful in a twisted sense that AH is an alcoholic and addict because my truest, most reliable and loving friends live here on SR and that pretty much goes for EVERYBODY on SR.

Thank you for getting me through and thank you for your painm, the wisdom garnered from that pain and the calling to reach out and give somebody else your hand .
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Great thread Lies ! Thank you !!

So many things to be grateful for when it comes to SR.
The friendship, encougement, understanding and, at times, a kick in the butt when necessary...
I'm not sure where I'd be today if I hadn't stumbled upon this site.
When I came here I felt so incredibly NO ONE in the entire world could possibly understand what I was going thru...
I stumbled into this site at a very dark period in my life and the light I've been given is beyond measure.

Hugs to all my SR buddies !!
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The experiences and words of wisdom shared here, amongst like souls, has afforded me the most important thing I can imagine... re-establishing trust in my own thinking, beliefs, and values.

"...and I say to myself... what a wonderful world."

-Louis Armstrong

Many Blessings,
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I am so grateful for all the support I have received from so many wonderful people. The times that you have given your thoughts as I sat here thinking that all was lost have helped me to keep going and to know that I was not alone. You have spurred me on many times when I thought I couldn't do it and made me realize that I am not a nut case... unless all of us are! SR has helped me live... you all have helped me live. Thank you all.
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Altho I don't post much SR has been a lifeline to me. I read all of you incredible people's stories, and it gives me strength. I feel like I know alot of you, I laugh, I cry, I learn. Just knowing that I am not alone, well, it means the world to me. Thank you all for what you bring to this site.

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There have been times I literally could not speak because of the pain I was in, but I could type. When I was 600 miles from home, alone, and found out my daughter had been in a terrible wreck, all of you were the first people to know about it while I sat numb in my hotel room. Every single one of you were with me as I drove to the airport and kept me safe.

When I've needed calm and inspiration, I've always received it here without posting a word. All the stories shared here, even the heartbreaking ones, lift me up because there's so much courage found in the simple act of reaching out.

SR is the life preserver that has saved me from drowning.
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....with all of the above

SR (and all you wonderful people here) was the spark that helped me begin my journey towards recovery. I came here depressed and angry, feeling like I was completely alone in my misery, and found friends, love, compassion, support, concern, wisdom, and a way to recover my heart and soul ~ my self. For these things, I am eternally grateful.

SR is the life preserver that has saved me from drowning.
Love it!

Love, Rica
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SR and everyone who posts or replies has been helpful to me. I realize I am not alone in dealing with myself surrounding how to handle my son's addiction.

Thank you!
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I am so thankful for this site, though I may never meet any of you in person in some of my darkest places I knew that there was someone out there that understood. It was some of the advice that I got on this site that was what finally got me to break free from my "demon" and choose me.

I am forever grateful.
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I am totally thankful for finding this site. I may not post daily anymore but believe me~~I'm here reading. All of you are so great with your words of wisdom and mostly being able to be tough when needed......and thats exactly what I needed. It took a long time to get to the point I'm at and my thanks reaches around the continent....and big hugs for those of you that reached out and talked to me by phone. Things are Ok now~~but I'll always be on my toes...Smiles, Bonnie
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I am grateful for the wisdom shared. Many of you have recovered and moved on with your full lives again, but you take the time to help us newbies. Your experiences help alleviate fear and inspire right-thinking. Thank you all!!!
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When I came here like most others finding out there is an addict in the family, you find most people who have never had to deal with an addict, don't really understand. Then you put out your first post on SR and wonder will anyone respond and soon enough you find a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and above all, UNDERSTANDING, people who really know what you are feeling. For many of us this is our first step in our recovery, the step before we gain the nerve to walk into a meeting. I gain information from every post I read, I am thankful to SR and to you all, I know I would be lost without you.
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I found SR quite by accident (I had never been to a chat room or message board, thus the lack of creativity in my name, lol) over 7 years ago and have posted every day since.

I came here exhausted and broken, and found some here as broken as I was, some who had been where I was and gently guided me to a better place, and some who kicked my butt when needed because I'm a stubborn old broad who can dig in her heels too easily. I love them all, each taught me something I needed to know.

Morning Glory landed here on the same bus as I did (same day in 2002) and I think she was the first person in years who could make me laugh until I hurt. There were far less members back then, so we got to know each other very well and many continue here today with me on my journey. A few I have met in person (CatsPajamas, Hangin' In, Mooselips, and Jody Hepler and 51Anna from another forum) and we became close friends on line and off. We get together at least once a year (from Ohio, Georgia, Iowa and Ontario) and each time the friendship just grows stronger. I am so grateful that recovery and SR made it possible for us to find each other and share our lives and love.

I still come here each day, because every single day I come here I learn something, I grow and I find something that helps me stay connected to my program. The old timers call me on my "stuff" and the newcomers remind me of what it was like before recovery and how I never want to go back to how it was. I watch people come here as broken as I was, and then I feel joy as I watch them find what was so freely given to me by those who went before me...serenity, inner peace, love of life and a healthy new way of living.

There is a magic here at SR, unlike anything any other site I have found can offer. We walk together here sharing our light, sharing our tears and sharing a journey that has taken me to a wonderful place I would never have found if my life had been normal and untouched by addiction. I believe God's gifts come strangely wrapped sometimes, and all the pain and sadness that brought me here ended up being the gift that allowed me to grow and to find people who shared my journey, my heart and my life.

So thank you, SR, and most of all thank you dear friends, for always being there for a codie named Ann.

Love you all
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