thoughts and prayers please

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thoughts and prayers please

Good Morning all - I hope the day greets you with many blessings!

Finally got a call from my atty yesterday!! (After 2 wks of unreturned phone calls and faxing a letter to his ofc) - He says the divorce should be final next week and then he would mail the final divorce decree to me - so about two weeks! (It should have been final the end of May, first of June)

Anyone remember the Tom Hanks & Shelly Long moive "The Money Pit" where the contractor kept telling the "Two weeks" on every answer for the when the construction would be completed???????????

so anyway - more and more waiting.

He finally left the house that He hasn't paid the mortgage in 5 months but didn't take any of his furniture. Of course now he is leaving messages on my cell wanting to get his stuff. (The house is being foreclosed on)

One of the messages, he didn't sound the best (as far as sober wise). I hate it so much for the girls and grandkids. One of my girls (his daughter) posted a message on FB that he was doing badly. I hate so much that my girls & grandkids are hurting.

I do believe that I have accepted the fact - that he probably will be one of those ones that dies from this disease. I am glad that I will not be married to him when that happens but it doesn't mean that my girls and grandchildren won't have to HURT thru this loss.

I know that the world will lose a person that could have given so much - it will be very sad. It is already sad.

Anyway - please if you have a moment - keep my girls and grandkids in your thoughts and prayers - I know they miss the Dad and PaPa they have already lost - even tho he is still alive.

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Thanks for the update. I really look forward to your posts, you are such a shining example of working a good program to me. I know the road hasn't been easy, but it is your road and you travel it with dignity and grace.

I will lift you and your family up in pray.

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Hugs and prayers to your girls, your grandkids, and you because when they hurt, you hurt.

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Rita, I'm sending hugs and prayers for all of you, this has to be a painful time and I hope that all your days are brighter soon.

It's been a long journey for you, but the road will turn soon and as you put closure on the past, new paths filled with wonderful things will be ahead. It may not seem like it today, especially with the foreclosure, but you check in with me in 6 months and just tell me if it isn't so. Life is good about things like that.

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hi, you and your family are in my prayers
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