Doctors who prescribe too much Xanax

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Doctors who prescribe too much Xanax

After reading Hurtbad2505's question about letting her AS's doctor know he was abusing Xanax I am prompted to get opinions on my similar situation.

My 57 year old brother is mixing Xanax with alcohol - lots of both. He is getting the Xanax from a psychiatrist that saw him twice about 5 years ago. All this time he has been getting 90 a month. I go to Alanon & know to stay out of his addictions. However, I think what this doctor is doing is criminal (he is on SSI & I suspect she gets a payment every month for this) & I am sometimes tempted to call & politely suggest she at least see him.

I am hesitant to get involved, both because it puts me in the middle of something that is none of my business and also I know that Xanax, especially that much for that long needs to be tapered off of. What if she abruptly discontinues it? On the other hand maybe then he would get the help he so desperately needs. I guess I should also mention, he may be trading some of the Xanax for opiates his DOC. Or maybe not, who knows.

He was at my house for Father's day & was so out of it he could not walk & peed in my back yard. My elderly parents took him home, along with leftovers for him to eat when he recovered. The next day, when asked by him what happened, my mother merely told him he drank too much, perhaps he started too early. I mention this to show that he is being enabled to his death.

I can't help but want to change the dynamics of the situation. Mostly I know I can't but my husband & his friend, a recovering alcoholic, thought I should call his doctor.

I would love to have some opinions. Thank you.
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Well ................................. if it were me, I would not waste my time calling the Dr prescribing the Xanax.

IF I knew for a Fact this Dr had not seen my brother in 5 years, and IF I knew for a FACT that this Dr was still prescribing 90 Xanax a month for my brother, then ................................. I would be inclined to write a letter to my State Medical Board, outlining all the FACTS, and formally filing a complaint, with a copy to My State Board of Psychiatry.

I had to do something very similiar in Florida, because of what his Dr was prescribing for him 'knowing' my father was a 'practicing' alcoholic.

I should add that to arbitrarily remove the Xanax without a supervised detox would NOT be advisable.


Love and hugs,

PS and yes not only was the Dr initially put on probation with overseers watching his practice, he did lose his license, because as word got out, others filed complaints.
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My ABF went to a doctor and got 90 Kolnopin and finished the bottle in a few days. I called the doctor and told him off... I asked how can he just write a script like that to someone on a methadone program? He said he did not know he was on methadone. Why oh why don't doctors do blood work and a full exam before taking the pen and paper out is BEYOND my comprehension... With that said, I told the doctor off and who writes him another script the following week for 90 more? Yup, same doctor. OK, now if you give 90 once a day pills of a control substance and the next week you give 90 more, where do you see 90 days falling into that 7 day week?

Point of my rant: I feel very VERY few doctors will care what you say, so the lesson learned is to take that energy and focus it on yourself.
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I'm sort of faced with the same problem here..

My AH is on suboxone, but the Dr. that he sees is very prescription heavy.. honestly, everytime he comes home from her office he comes home with a new script.. this last time it was one for blood pressure medicine.. my AH is only 35 years old and has never had high blood pressure.. but when they took his blood pressure this last time it was a high reading (I'm thinking that it was either read wrong or the nurse made a mistake when she was taking it) and of course he came home with a brand new script.. why? because he is a drug addict and just because he is not getting his pills illeagaly off the street doesn't mean he still does not have a problem.. he is just getting his fix another way.

About 6 weeks ago, I asked the good people hear on this forum what I should do because under the pressure of my mother in law I was seriously thinking about writing this Dr a letter telling her that he is only abusing the drugs that she is prescribing... however the good people on this board told me that it would be a very codependent thing for me to do and they are so right..

I look at it this way... if the doc stops prescribing this medication to my AH... he is just going to get pills from someplace else... he is the one that chooses to get these scripts filled.. no one is holding a gun to his head making him do it... So I have left it alone and trust that his HP is looking out for him..

NOw with that being said.. I rather like Laurie's idea of reporting the Dr. to the State Medical Board of Georgia.. because if this quack is doing this to my AH, then she is doing it to other people as well... hmmm, that might be something that I take into serious consideration but I can't do that until I have all the documentation that I need.
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I can't do that until I have all the documentation that I need.
EXACTLY. Mom and I got busy, kept records, had the pharmacy pull the record of all his prescriptions for the previous 18 months. We kept originals and made copies to attach to the letter. The letter came from me, as the 'daughter' showing concern for both her parents, etc.

I can be a little over the top on my two pet peeves, child abuse and bad doctors. Having worked in the medical field for many years I did see my fair share of them.

Each of us has to come to our own decision on what we will and/or can do and what we cannot.

May y'all find some peace with whatever decisions you make.

Love and hugs,
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I have a different experience with Docs and scripts...

Before I started dealing with my codependance, I called my AH's doc once. He turned around and told my AH that I had called and told my AH exactly what I said. He then cut him off cold turkey and I got to spend about 48 hours under the wrath of my AH.

As he got worse and started eating duragesic patches to get high - I stayed silent other than to call the rescue squad when I found him blue and/or grey and not breathing...And the cops finally called the doc on the third rescue and again he got to go cold turkey and I got the wrath.

Thankfully, I now admit I am CoDependant and I no longer need to be involved in any way. But if you are living with the A and you do get involved and have a Doc who WILL listen - you may end up with an experience you did not expect at all.
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I think that's the key point. If you call the doc, there is no guarantee that the addict won't find out and are you prepared to deal with the consequences? If yes, then do it. If no, then don't.
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finally.....When I started talking to Dr's, xAH didn't like it. I wrote his primary a long letter telling him of xAH history of drugs, and I knew his Dr already knew this. I could never understand why he would still prescribe him these meds. After the letter, his primary took him off vicodin, tried putting him on suboxone after a major relapse on crack, then only to refer him to pain management where he was prescribed 2 narcotics. I called his psychiatrist to get him off xanax, and he told me he needed it. An addict will do anything to protect their source, or get another one. I didn't realize I was being codependent when I did this, and actually thought I was enabling if I didn't. I thought I was protecting him and doing what was in the best interest of his health. I tried to micromanage everything, and the more I micromanaged the more insane I got, and the more he despised me. Anyway.... I know different now. In the end all I could do was protect myself and the children with Gods help.

I can't imagine one being prescribed a drug and not seeing the Dr. prescribing it for him. If you know that what you are saying is true, I would recommend reporting it anonymously to someone that can check into it. You are reporting something that may be a crime. Then let it go.

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I think its a shame the way doc write dh has been on ativan and percocet for years and they prescribe even tho they've been told by the ins co that its waytoo much....their answer is "they can't tell me what to do"./
After whats happened in the news, I think they should think twice before writing. Also, my dh takes way toomany and is not only using for pain, duh!
I have already warned my dr that if something bad happens, I'm holding him responsible. There oughta be a law!
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I experienced a similar problem with a friend of mine, who was taking way too much Xanax and was drinking on top of it.... He was so different, and it was scary. I couldn't understnad why his doctor was giving him so much! It turned out his pharmacist is addicted to meds and they are good friends. He is working on her house in exchange for the XANAX... Man, it's tough. Do we turn people like this in? I don't have proof.
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I wish we could turn these people in but to who? And would anything really get done? It's such an epidemic it would think with all these celebrities dying, someone would do something...its a growing problem.
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I've been quiet lately- reading more than posting.

This problem, bothers me alot!! Not that I have the answers.
It is complicated. But my experience and some thoughts.

It is the way the system is set up.
The doctors are not the one's who call in the prescription refills.
Their staff does. The pharmacy fills them.

Sadly- most physicians do not employee nurses, RN's or LPN's.
The person you see and talk with, is probably a CNA or MA- or just plain, secretary.

They do not have a license to lose.
And no, you will not see them pulled into malpractice lawsuits.

As I say this.. No- I still believe that their *bosses* the doctors are ultimately responsible for the care provided by their employees.
The care they provide, ultimately.

I work for a group of surgeons.. I think I am fortunate. If you need more than those 7.
Yes most of them prefer to order about 7 vicodans- then it is on to advil.
Well- if you are experiencing pain.
We will ask you to please come in, so we can assess you.

I don't know what the answer is.
And frankly guys- I feel bad- and apologize for my peers. It is NOT okay- is NOT *right*

Heck- I believe that we people who are given and take the responsibility for others health and welfare. Healthcare professionals and people like the police.

Well- a condition of our employment should be, drug testing!!
No- to me it is silly. Professional athletes take drug tests for THEIR jobs.
Lordy- does it really MATTER- if they are high while they are hitting homeruns or catching touchdowns?

Oh it may hurt them- their bodies- but them in danger. Their team may lose a dumb game!! Big deal!!

No.. I just think, a start may be..
Test the healthcare providers.. no- you should not be taking care of sick people, if you are sick yourself and on oxy!

No- I believe that if they can moniter cold medicines sold over the counter- they sure as hell should be able to come up with a computer program that moniters addictive drugs.

As I say this- people do suffer from chronic pain. They should be referred on to the people who's specialty it is- to know about chronic pain.
Family practice, internists, surgeons- do NOT!!

Same with tranqualizers and anti-depressants.
Those should be TEMPORARY for physicians who are not psychiatrists!

My belief? Base belief.
If the pain is there- whether or not it is physical or mental/emotional.
Pain can be, a very good- protective feeling. It tells us- something is WRONG!!
Do NOT cover it up!! Mask it. If you do.. things can get far worse in a hurry!

Maybe your body.. is protecting you? Saying NO! Slow down? Take care of yourself? This or that, is not good for you?

Just want to edit to add this- boy do I ever ramble on and on! No wonder I read more than talk! To anyone- who made it to the end of this one. Your patience-
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I have spoken to my husbands dr and it is the dr who prescribes. Its insane, like 90 at a time and sometimes more... plus other meds. I told him of the problem and he still gives them to him and now I told him if anything were to happen, I will be holding him responsible!
hopefully that will get his attention.
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