He is out of Prison

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He is out of Prison

Well my ex is out of prison. He made it more then 12 hours this time. He stayed with us for two days, then I had to kick him out. Told him he could not parole to my house and he did. He has been out of the house now for 3 weeks. On Tuesday his parole officer came by to do a surprise house check and he was not there. For the first time in my life I told him that he has not been here since two days after he got out. Gave him the cell phone of the ex. Parole officer said if he did not hear from the ex by end of the week the cops would be by to bust down my door looking for him. I told him it did not matter that he has not lived here for over 8 years, but because the ex will not change his address on the DL that my house is last known address of him. No surprise there, but it pisses me off that in our prison system they do not call and make sure that an a person can parole to an address.

I told his parole officer he does not have any clothing or belongs in the house. I told him he is not on my lease and never has been. Asked how do I get his address changed in the system, got told there is nothing I can do unless he changes it.
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huh. here in New York, the PO visits the address before the inmate comes home, checks out the place, makes sure there are no drugs, or weapons or dogs, check to make sure that none of the people also living there are on parole, and makes sure that it's OK for the inmate to parole there.
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Yeah that's pretty ridiculous and if they do break down your door then i'd be filing a complaint for them to pay to fix it. Its not you're fault he gave out your address and the PO didnt do his job. heck even with the juvies they come by the house to check it out before they will release them home.
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How ridiculous is this....breaking down your door because he uses your address for parole. I am sorry that you have to go through this crap.

I wonder how he pays for his cell phone.
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Oh the cell phone is the first thing you get when you get out of prison with the 200.00 gate money they give him. Well I am hoping that his PO did get to go to the new address, maybe that will stop them from coming to my house. But it has never worked before.

He is working odd jobs, until he can find some place to live, and can get someone to help him get a job. He has not worked in over 10 years. Or it could be longer-but for the first time it is not my problem.

I have to worry about weither or not I will have a job tomorrow.
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same here in n.c. the inmate has to have a home plan to go before they are released. the p.o. checks it out to make sure everything is as it should be. the inmate is given nothing when they are released. a cell phone?????? why????
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