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breakingfree88 05-15-2009 01:06 PM

My Graduation was this morning...
And my ex-fiancee' came with his father ( I invited them because they have supported me throughout my college career...this proved to be a MISTAKE)
because my ex hit an all time low with his white trash addict self.
Apparently he has been lying to his family that he is spending time with me when he's been out using.
And his family gave him $50 for my graduation present.
He went out and gave some to his dealer the night before my graduation and showed up late this morning.
Wanting to pretend that he has no idea why I'm so upset and disgusted.
THEN wants to claim that it was just to "take care of business" and that "you're acting like I relapsed or something...I didn't" as he has tears in his bloodshot eyes.
The Serenity prayer has never been more important to me. I am heart broken. Addiction can really motivate people to steal from the ones they love. Special day, or not.:c020::c029:

Impurrfect 05-15-2009 01:14 PM

I'm sorry he's still being an addict jerk, but don't let it take away from your day. He's doing what addicts do what you do....move on with your life.

Hugs and prayers!


UNHAPPY777 05-15-2009 01:16 PM

So, sorry your going through this.... Try to stay focused on your accomplishment this means more than any monetary or verbal hoopla that he had to give you today. If no one else has said it.....Congrats I know what a struggle and accomplishment getting a degree can be..... I'm proud of you!!! Today is NOT his day it's yours.......ENJOY

Hammerhead 05-15-2009 05:08 PM

Breakingfree... :bbk: CONGRATULATONS! :a122:
Please enjoy YOUR day of acknowledgment of your hard work and commitment!!

Sounds to me perhaps his family may not understand the depth of his situation or they may have reconsidered...imo.

Ann 05-16-2009 03:54 AM

Congratulations from me too, you worked hard to get to where you are today and maybe your ex was just one of God's strangely wrapped gifts so you could see how very far you have come and to help you look forward instead of in your rear view mirror.

I'm glad to see "ex" in front of his name. He is sick and living in his disease, we can only pray for him and live in our recovery.


imallright 05-16-2009 05:03 AM

Congratulations! I am with Ann... she said it better than I ever could... but I had the same thought. Your HP let you see today that you have what it takes to move forward and one more time see that your Ex isn't ready. There have been many times of late where I have dealt with my ex and been so angry when I see the same old behaviors and reactions. I get angry with me for not getting that it ain't gonna change simply by me talking or wanting it too or trying one more time. Now, instead of staying upset about it, I try to say to myself..."see... you are doing the right thing. Nothing has changed, except for how you see it and you are seeing clearly. Thank you God for showing me once more... maybe this time I will get it!!!!"

Here is to your new beginning!!!! Good for you!

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