Ot-brag time! :)

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learning to live for me
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Talking Ot-brag time! :)

Hi everyone, I may have not had much in my life to brag about, but I'm gonna brag about this...

Tomorrow at 10AM Eastern time I will graduate with an Honors B.S. in Psychology [Alcohol and Drug Studies..oh the irony lol] .
I will have Honors Cords from Summa *** Laude, Honors College, Alpha Chi, and Psi Chi Honor Society.

I have been accepted into my first choice graduate school and will begin there in August.

I am SOOO Proud of myself. (And fifty grand in debt LOL)
But I know that it will be worth it one day.
I am proving to myself that I can accomplish what I put my heart into. And if I really want to make it happen and it is right for me (IN MY HP'S PLAN)
Then its gonna all fall into place.
So many times over the past four years I have broken down and thought there was no way I could go on.
My heart was too broken.
My professors too mean/difficult
My future too scary
My family too messed up.
But I didn't let it stop me. I pushed through and I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll post pics when I get home.
Thanks to my SR family for all the support and friendship you have given me. Not a day goes by that I don't log on and check up on everybody. I read every post and my heart goes out to anyone that's hurting and my heart soars with anyone who has found the good things in our lives to appreciate.
That's what I'm learning...and you have all helped teach me.
Appreciate what you have. Because only then can you get more.

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learning to live for me
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Oh wow I see it bleeped out part of my honors. That wasn't a cuss word LOL! Y'all know its just Latin...don't want to offend anyone!
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Hey, I like your degree!
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You SHOULD be proud of yourself!! What a huge accomplishment!!!

I can't wait to see the pictures!!

Thanks for posting this, to remind us that taking care of us is entirely possible!

Hugs and prayers!

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Congratulations and huge hugs!!!! You worked hard for this and deserve so much credit for making it through to graduation...and with honours to boot.

Well done and thank you for sharing all this joy with us. Good News is always welcome.

And don't mind the censor...there are certain words that just get blipped even when it's legit.

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Congratulation! How very wonderful, you should be so proud of yourself. (((Hugs)))
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And this is OT how?

What great news! Congratulations and good for you!
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Originally Posted by breakingfree88 View Post

I pushed through and I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Words to live by.

Congratulations on your most significant accomplishment.
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I will raise my coffee cup to you at 9am central.

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that's great news! Your determination and will are inspirations for all.
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WHOHOOOO!!! Way to go!!!!
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You inspire me! Can't wait for the pics!!!!!!!!!
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Simply awesome!
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Whooo-hooooooooooooooo Hollyyyyyyyyyy! Congrats! What an inspiring thing to read first thing in the morning.

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