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I'm very glad you had nice time at the birthday party!!! Good for you!! And good for your middle daughter for staying strong and enforcing a boundary!

Winnie also hit the nail on the head as far as rehab phone calls are concerned. If your daughter needs something can it be mailed to her? That way you won't be spending an hour on the road to bring her makeup.

Hugs and prayers, HG
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This morning my AD called me to tell me that she gets out of rehab on Monday. OMG she is so angry and defensive. She started right off saying that I didn't sound happy to here from her. I told her that we didn't have to talk and that we could end the conversation. She said how come you don't call me? I don't want to interfere w/ your treatment and I don't want to argue w/ you. She asked if I would call her this afternoon and I told her I would. I have all these mixed emotions about her getting out of rehab after only 20 days. I don't think that she's had enough time to get it! But who am I? I'm just as new at this stuff as she is only I'm older that 24. I wouldn't want to be her and the decisions that SHE has to make for herself. She's going to supervised living and I have to say that I am quite skeptical about that. Because past experience tells me that she doesn't like to follow the rules. Guess I don't want her to fail. I hate having to watch this all! I struggle with giving this all up to my HP I've tried to control it all by myself for so long. There are days I think I'm OK and I have trust in HP until I hit a bump and then I tend to over analyze everything instead of just letting it be what it is. If you all could give me some words it would be great. It helps me to say focused on me and my recovery.
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