I could spit nails- Im so dang mad

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Originally Posted by anvilhead View Post
Gwen i'm going to STRONGLY urge to calm down, back up and focus on what is important. i've noticed that your own daughter has kind of gotten LOST in all this hoo hah about the ex

get yourself grounded, give your daughter your time and attention, and let the rest of the world and the people in it take care of themselves for awhile. be the CALM in the storm, not the gale force winds.

said with love.........

Thanks Anvil.

I am gonna do just that today. As for not mentioning Saannah alot is because she is at her dads house and doesnt want to come out here until later this weekend. She has to ride the school bus if she is here and she wont have that. I do talk to her daily to se how she is doing. Actually she is having to go with her dad to see his lawyer so she can state what has happened. She is uncomfortable with this. But her dad is making her. I did tell her that if she came out this weekend that I didnt want to talk about her dad or his lawyer or what was said. Im gonna have the neighbors youngest daughter this weekend and I just want to get to some sense of normalcy. I am planning to take the girls morel mushroom hunting, maybe a trip to grants farm or the zoo maybe or just hang out and do some girly shopping. But they pick up on the anger so my object is to get over this before they come over for the weekend.

But Im not as mad and angry as yesterday. Im still mad but Im trying to let this go.
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Originally Posted by outtolunch View Post

Case closed ?
I hope so. I hope he drops it from there. He did say that he would not sue my neighbors personally if nothing came out of the insurance. I hope he sticks to that.
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Amber did not have permission to drive. Amber was not legally able to drive without a licenced adult in the car. Amber was drunk. It is quite possible that the insurer will determine Amber was not a covered driver and deny any claims.

Case closed ?
I agree, he won't get far suing the insurance company. Let him waste his own time and energy trying.
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Gwen Marie,


You are powerless over the ex. You are worrying about "what might" happen. Who knows if he'll even follow through. When he finds out all that will be involved, the time and expense, and reading the details of the case, I'm thinking it just isn't going to happen. And you know what? Even if it does, you are still powerless over the situation.

And I wouldn't put this on the neighbors now. They have enough to worry about.

FOCUS BACK ON YOU and the daughter. I know that when I find myself all out of whack, it's usually because my attention has drifted to those I cannot control. are STEP ONE over this man. You're giving him power over you when you let him dominate your thoughts.

There are bigger things for you to do today. Put yourself first and concentrate on what will help you have a good day today. The rest, well, your HP has it all under control, no matter what your ex says.

Hangin' In
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Well, I am better today. I been hangin around the house gettin things done and laid out in the sun. Already pink.

I talked to John yesterday and he said he talked to lawyer and he left it up to him. He said they wouldnt sue my neighbor and IF anything comes out of this it will be put into a trust for Savannah.

I was hangin out with my neighbor last night(the dad and youngest daughter) and I told him what John was up to so they werent blind sided by this. Told them I had nothing to do with any of it. They knew and said no big deal, they have insurance.

Wow, I agonized over that for days. And for what? But its out now and I dont have to think nothing more about this. Savannah is going up to see Amber today. She doing pretty good. Both girls are doing good. Im gonna have both younger girls tonight and we are gonna play outside, maybe go down and put our feet in the lake, and watch movies later tonight.
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