OT-Heart Cath tomarrow and Im scared.

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Here's a story.

I go to the Dr. yesterday and he examines my knee..I had a knee arthroscopy 1 1/2 weeks ago.
He said it's okay now, but in the future I may need a Total knee. (yeah, right)

I say:
What about the Orthovisc injestions if it bothers me?
(Orthovisc gives you additional fluid in your knee to lubricate, and cushion)

Oh yeah, he says, I didn't think of that, that would buy you some time.

Sometimes we have to look after ourselves, and TELL the Dr. (they're all just practicing, donchaknow) what WE think, and sometimes it just can't be explained.

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What about the Orthovisc injestions if it bothers me?
Thank God I have the Ortho Dr I have!!!!!!!! I have two bad knees, he has repaired tears in both many times, so knows how bad they look in there from the arthritis. My Dr is of the mind that 'knee replacement' is absolutely THE LAST GASP EFFORT. Thus I have been on injections now for about 2 years in the left knee and about 15 months on the right knee. He does them at the same time, so is kind enough to put 'put me under' as it is EXTREMELY PAINFUL doing it 'cold turkey'.

I have to say they are WELL WORTH IT at this point in time, I am still walking, still able to up and down stairs, with a lot less discomfort than I have had. I can tell though when it is getting close to time for more injections, and not by looking at the calendar, if you know what I mean, lol

Gwen, you have the computer, start plugging in your symptoms and searching the different web sites that pop up. Make notes. then you know WHAT to ask your Dr. YOU have to be PRO ACTIVE in this ............................... besides this will keep you occupied and your mind off 'other things' that have been going on. lol

Love and hugs,
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