Saving yourself from a crack addict

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Saving yourself from a crack addict

1) If you seriously want the crack problem out of you're life forever, you must take the NO CONTACT rule a sacred law.

2) Don't think for one moment you're addict is any different than any other addict.

3) Don't think for one moment that their problem has anything whatsoever to do with you.

4) Remember 3 Cs You didn't -C-ause it, you cant -C-ure it, you can't -C-ontrol it.

5) Love has nothing to do with it. The fact that you love you're addict doesn't mean you must accept unacceptable behaviour.

6) You canít change the other person, you can only change yourself.

7) You don't have to stay by their side and suffer their consequences, just because you vowed to do so when you got married.

8) You deserve better, you deserve to be loved.

9) Addicts LIE all the time

10) The only real recovery comes from the addict being committed to a LONG TERM PROGRAM, staying away from old friends and life style, and working some kind, any kind of spiritual program.

11) Nobody dies from a broken heart.

12) Everything passes, nothing is forever. You will be happy again.

13) Addiction is a lifetime disease, if you decide to stay with your addict, you must know that you are exposing yourself to living with an active addict, since relapsing is the rule NOT THE EXCEPTION.

14) The worst enemy you have is yourself and you're EGO. Humbleness and honesty are you're best allies. You must learn to live IN SPITE of you're loved ones addiction, which does not mean you must live with them, rather you must live in SPITE OF THEM.

15) You are not to blame, unless you don't want to see further than you're nose.

16) No matter what they say, THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT CRACK. It is very important to understand and accept that CRACK is different from ALL OTHER DRUGS, itís in a world of its own. There is NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT

From "Crack Reality"
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Amen, my fiance's son is a crack addict, and nothing and no one else matter at all right now.

Thanks! HG
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