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about False Guilt

False Guilt

False guilt can be deadly to our emotions. Sometimes innocent victims become caught up in another person's immoral actions. They carry huge burdens of guilt that they should never have to bear. False guilt is not from Higher Power--it is a way of holding you back from becoming all Higher Power has planned for you to become.

False guilt continues an enabling pattern and can convince you in various ways, somehow, YOU
are responsible for an addicts behavior. False guilt accuses: You weren't strong enough or You were too strong, You weren't loving enough or You were too loving, You allowed or You didn't allow. The accusations are neverending.

False guilt receives strength from the fact you are searching for a rational, logical explanaton to the irrational, illogical behavior of a drug addict.

The two forms of guilt: Genuine guilt--that is when we violate man's law or one's moral belief. False guilt comes from misconceptions of feelings, emotions that are totally messed up or illogical, and causes a person to actually feel guilty without commiting any type of violation to Higher Power or man.

The addict is a master manipulator of false guilt. His unfounded accusations suggest your guilt. A blameless addict holds the right to continue his drug use. He is always able and willing to lay blame on somebody else. Sadly, many pick up that burdan because he won't. The victim then feels a need to carry that weight or burdan. This false guilt then becomes an overwhelming feeling that has no definable reason. This pressing sense of guilt can slowly destroy your well being.

With false guilt, innocent victims become caught up in another person's immoral actons that are not their fault.

Realize false guilt is a method of deception and can keep us from taking a stand to better our life. Freedom of false guilt begins with TRUST. We must learn to trust ourselves and to the trust the truth.

False guilt will produce fleeting unfounded, illogical feelings of self-blame for another's actions. It gives us a sense of being involved in an immoral choice of another.

Actual or true guilt is obvious and hard to run from. We are not in a drug induced state of mind, so we know when we are guilty. With all my heart, I believe Higher Power puts in us the ability to know and understand without a doubt when we do somethng wrong. It is HIs way to relieve us from our bad feelings by asking for forgiveness.

Freeing yourself from deceptive false guilt is an enlightening experience. It is necessary to rid yourself of this type of guilt to make good, sound decsions for a better life. We must learn to trust ourselves.

Guilt is a common tool used by others to obtain their own desires. to learn to distinguish the truth of guilt will give you a freedom to act upon your own behalf.
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Very powerful! Thank you for posting this.
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