The crippling effects of enabling

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You are very wise. My oldest son is 22 and facing very serious
drug charges. He is not working a program, not doing what hes
supposed to be doing (staying clean, looking for a job) so I
told him to leave my home.Again.
Stefanie aka-The meanest mom in the world
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Megan is getting sick of him but she wants to go to Florida. Tough choice, huh Hugs, Marle
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(((Marle)))) - so, she'll go to FL, THEN figure a way to get rid of him

She's a smart girl..she'll figure it out. And, just maybe, the next guy that's drooling all over her, will not be such a codie, and will actually have a real job and bring home a steady paycheck?

Hugs and prayers!

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Tell her to go on the Disney boards there are tons of people who will meet up with her and do things as Singles...leave him behind?
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They just left the house. On their way to the Detroit Airport. Their flight leaves at 5:40 a.m. Amy, she is flying into Atlanta tomorrow. I hear you are supposed to get a big snowstorm. (Yes, I know it is only a couple of inches, but I heard that much snow can paralyze your city.) Hugs, Marle
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