Update on recovering heroin addict, on baby Mia and on me ;P

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Update on recovering heroin addict, on baby Mia and on me ;P

hello dear friends,

It's been ages yet again that i havent come on board and i hope you are all well (as much as can be). Tonight i feel like sharing with you my mostly good news.
As some of you may know, my boyfriend is a heroin addict and has used for yearrrrrssssss. We've been together for 9 years now (gosh!!) and it's been tough road but we still have an incredibly strong bond. We had some months appart (when things got out of hands) but mostly stick together. He's wanted to get clean for ages but cannot seems to find a good way to do it. He's tried everything (went out of country, went rehab 1,2,follow methadon treatment etc etc) So far i'm afraid all didn't work (damn, didn't i say i have good up-lifting news to share??!!!)
Even when i got pregnant last year he couldn't stay clean for more than 6 months...Eventually he got arrested (weird it didn't happen before) and got court ordered to one year rehab when our daughter Mia was one month old.
It's been tough not having him around (though in many other ways it's been great not having him around & worry about his life and death and to finally breath). It's been hard to see our daughter growing up without her daddy and after 6 months of him being in a strict christian rehab and our once a month visit -ALWAYS SUPERVISED- i was feeling drained. Too frustrating.
I guess Rain could feel it cos he decided to walk out of this rehab to be with us during Christmas and Chinese New Year (end of January). We could have quality family time ALONE and you can't even imagine how much we needed it. We spent a great one month and half together and his PO was quite understanding. Now he is back to another rehab which seems more relax cos he already managed to call me 3 times and sent me a letter. Plus, after the 1st month, we'll be able to visit once per week. That's an improvement and it'll help us go through this 6 more month hopefully easier.
So, i'm back to my "single" mum status but ith a lighter head.
Mia is growing and is a very smilly, happy baby. She'll be 9 months next week already!
I show you a picture of our (mostly) happy family and wish you all a great 2009!
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Carine, Thanks so much for the update and the beautiful picture of the 3 of you. Mia is really growing and is so beautiful. You and Rain both look good. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers. It is so good that Rain is back in rehab and that you have both made it so far. Remember one day at a time and enjoy your little one. They grow up so fast. Hugs, Marle
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What a wonderful picture of the three of you! Mia is just beautiful! :ghug :ghug
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Mia is so precious - thanks for the pic.
I guess things are very different there - I can't imagine a PO being understanding of someone walking out of court ordered treatment here. Glad everything worked out. Hugs
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Nice to meet you (I don't believe we have "met" before) What a lovely family! Hubby's not at all the proud Daddy is he? lol His smile says it all.

From someone who suffered many, many years from this disease, the seperation that you all are experiencing now is so worth the rewards and wonderful life found in Sobriety.

Best wishes for a long, beautiful and Sober life together.

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Good to "see" you again! Also good to hear you feel better about the situation. Nine months already -wow. She is still beautiful!
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Carine, So glad you stopped in to let us know how you and lil Mia are doing. She is adorable. I'm glad your feeling better about the new place Rain is at. I hope things go well for all of you. How is Rain w Mia? He so looks like the proudest dad in the world!
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What a pretty little girl Mia is! You all look so happy, I sure hope Rain can stay in his program of recovery.

Sending prayers your way.....!
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Good to hear from you!! Mia is beautiful!!! I hope the new rehab works out for Rain, and the 3 of you can move forward as a family.

Hugs and prayers!

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******{Great to see you sista! Glad things are working out! I hope this is it for Rain
Little one is adorable}}}}}
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What and inspiring lovely update and photo.
You have a lot to be grateful for.
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Nice to hear from you! What a beautiful family photo.
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Hey Corine, thanks for your update, I do think of you often with hopes of a happy life for the three of you.

Hope things continue to go well for ya'll
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