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Checking in

I don't know why, but you all were on my mind today. Figured I'd stop by and check in. Everything here is going. LOL! I won't say well, but life continues to go on.

Tim is now 60+ days sober. Woo Hoo for him! We've managed to remain friends through the last relapse while I managed to remain detached from his addiction.

Jay is still having problems. He's seeing a pediatric neurologist who's attempting to sort this whole thing out. He's going for an MRI tomorrow. Which hits right in the middle of a terrible case of croup and ANOTHER ear infection. He's getting Speech and OT now... still not enough. The neurologist is trying to determine what exactly is going on. She has it narrowed down to either brain damage from the last surgery (perhaps the surgeon didn't tell us everything that happened), brain damage from constant infections, a degenerative disorder or, a rare learning disability. I trust her. She's the leading pediatric neurologist! And I paid good money for her. LOL!

In the midst of all the constant chaos in my life, I'm continuing to work on myself. With just minute steps forward at times, but I still get up every morning and continue to be determined to put it all back together. I have some big goals for this week.... pushing myself to stop withdrawing from it all!!!!! This one will take time! I also started back to college last week. Taking 11 graduate credits this semester! UGH! But, I'm gonna do it and stop avoiding life!!!!!!

One day at a time right!?!? I miss you guys. Didn't see too many familiar names...... sooooooo...... hello newer ppl! My name is Corine! I am a recovering codependent!
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Prayers going out for Jay, I think it's more stressful trying to figure out what is wrong than it is dealing with whatever it is when we know. I'm glad you have a good doctor who you can trust to take you through this.

And my goodness, girl!! More courses on top of all this? You are awesome in your recovery and an inspiration to me and everyone who can get weighed down by the "stuff" in our lives instead of moving forward to better goals.

Don't be a stranger, it's good to hear from you and old members as well as new are happy to see you hear.

Hugs :ghug3
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Corine, Glad to see you check in. Sounds like your life is busy. Congrats on the college. That is a great thing. I am sorry that Jay is having problems but it sounds like you and his doctors are doing everything to help him. Prayers for him. Don't be such a stranger. Hugs, Marle
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Thanks for checking in I have missed you alot!!!! Hope everything goes well with J and he gets the best care he can get. Thinkin of you. Kim
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Hey Sweetie!!!

So many prayers going out for J - especially for comfort for you and he as y'all go thru this - clarity for the drs as they search for the problem and that the staff will have compassion for J as they take good care of him.

Best wishes on the college courses - you go girl!!! I know you can do it!!

Keep taking care of you!!
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