Again, I really need someone.

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I did get out today. I volunteered at the humane society today and petted and played with the cats and dogs for two hours. It was a good day and Im not in the depression I was yesterday. Today gave me some time to think and I decided to start posting in the Substance Abuse Forum too. Certain thoughts that I thought should be better placed there. But it was a good day all in all. Im still hurtig and the pain seems to be intesifying also but it was nice to put myself somewhere besides the couch and in my own head.

Laurie, I swear I will call you tomarrow. Its been crazy with the kids he last couple days.
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Gwen - that was a great idea you had yesterday. Good for you for the creativity to find something to occupy your mind during this.

I work but i telecommute so I'm always home with my kids and I dont get out much. I'm usually very busy but when I'm not as busy the thoughts and the depression can really sneak up on me. When I look at my self and see i have on the same jammies I had on two days ago its usually an alarm that says I'm sinking again. The more I sink the worse i usually feel physically. I dont have the medical issues you do but even being a healthy person I can feel a difference in myself when I have a day filled with positive things I'm doing and those days that I let it all get to me and just give in. I think all docs agree that physical pain and illnesses are lessened when the mind is strong and positive.

My son who is medically fragile has been laying around my house for a month now and i can already see physical changes in him for the worse. I try not to dwell on it since its temporary but the less he does the worse he feels - and of course in the back of my mind I know that the worse he feels the more likely he is to use. His of course is controllable and doesnt have the pain element but when he gets in a down state of mind he is less and less likely to take care of himself and it just becomes a vicious cycle.

I think we have an innate need to make a contribution to the world, whatever that may be - so keep doing those good things you are doing - by helping others (even the creatures of the world) your are giving yourself a gift.
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just wanted to say hi - i hope you get what you need - you've been through so much and try so hard - just keep at it...

you're in my thoughts & prayers...

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Getting out of the house and giving back to the community/being useful is one of the best ways to mitigate depression and there is something so magical about working with animals.

Being useful to something bigger than ourselves is the road out of hell.
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