In jail again

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Unhappy In jail again

My ASD was arrested again on 12/23 for prostitution, VOP, giving a false name and resisting arrest. My prayer had been that she would get arrested and be safe for Christmas. Every time she gets arrested the circumstances are worse. Jails, institutions and death oh my !! I remember that from her NA mtgs. I am really afraid she is near death. Her mug shot looked almost non-human, skeletal. We have adopted her 8 yr. old beautiful daughter and I just hurt for her sake. ASD will be 37 in January, using since 15. We have done it all, many times over. I am just sad for all of us, need prayers and hugs. At least we know where she is for the next few weeks. Last jail time she had a chance for rehab and although told us she would go, she didn't. Just doing what addicts do right? I would like to reach out to her but the risk is too great, I must focus on (her) our child. Addicts will suck the life right out of you if you let them. Prayers for all who write here and prayers to those addicts that still suffer.
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(((((Copperpenny))))) Many many hugs and prayers for you, your SD, and your family. I think it is only by speaking with those who understand what you are going through that you can find others who breathe a sigh of relief that a child is in jail. I'm so sorry you are going through this but glad that for today she is safe. Bless you for taking care of her precious child.
I have heard many stories of addicts who have reached the depths of darkness and still found recovery. My prayer is that your daughter does as well.
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Sending prayers your way. The sad thing about addiction is how it affects those that love the addict. You are right to look out for yourself and for that innocent child. Prayers too that your SD takes this chance to make a new life for herself. Hugs, Marle
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I am so sorry for your pain! :ghug

I am so glad that beautiful 8 year old girl has you to love and care for her!
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When I can sleep through the night...
When I dont lock up all the valuables ...
When I dont jump when the phone rings ...
When there is no screaming...
When there is no crying...
When there are no emergency vehicles or police in my driveway...

... I know my son is in jail
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My heart goes out to you and your family I know what you are saying when my son was in jail I felt he was safe from himself. I know he had no drugs to take him from me. I ask God why is this happening to me. I didn't bring him up to be this way. I will be praying for you. My son died 11-19-08. and I am still crying for him.
God Bless you
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I know what you mean about praying they get arrested and stay in jail where they are safer. Maybe this time she will take the rehab option. You never know; where there's life there's still hope.
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Although I'm sorry for the circumstances that got her arrested, I am glad she is safe in jail, for now. It took me more being locked up, more than once, to "get it", so there's still hope.

Big hugs and prayers to you and your family!

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My AS was arrested a couple weeks ago, he only spent two nights in jail, but I was giddy with relief at the time! Crazy . . .

My prayers are with you & family, also for your ASD and all of our addicts.
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Thanks to all of you for your kind words and understanding. SR is a wonderful outlet for all of us. I am glad I have all of you.
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Hugs and prayers coming your way.
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I'm HOME!!!!!
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Prayers going out for you and your family. I know when my daughter was in jail, I was soooo happy...I knew she was safe, warm, fed....

Give yourself a hug for looking after that wonderful 8 year old!!! You're a wonderful mom. God Bless you for that!!!
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Sending HUGS to you. Praying that your daughter will use this opportunity to make good choices.
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Sending my hugs and prayers also. Jail may be the bottom she needs to get clean long enough to reach out. I find God's gifts often come strangely wrapped and jail can be one of them.

Bless you for caring for the child, she is so lucky to have you and your love in her life.

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Hello Copperpenny

My heart goes out to you and your family. I, too, know what it's like to worry and wonder and pray that he/she is safe.

God answered your prayer and she is safe. I just pray that each time they are picked up and sent to jail/prison will be one step closer to their realizing this is not the life God meant for them.

I do believe she will turn around one day. Keep the faith and don't give up.

Thankfully you have a grandaughter to focus on. Take care of her.

Prayers and hugs coming your way
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Oh ((((Copperpenny))))....please take care of yourself and your grandaughter! You are in my prayers :praying

Strange as it sounds to people who do not have an addict in their lives, I pray that the AS of my boyfriend will be arrested so that there will be some peace......

Hugs, prayers, and good wishes,
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