7 months today:)

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I'm so happy...and so proud...of both of you. Yes, I think this calls for a celebration !

Hugs to you Marle !!!!!!!!!
And to Megan too...
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How awesome is that. How is she feeling?
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Marle, I have appreciated every one of your posts since I joined SR! :ghug :ghug
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Zombiewife, She has been feeling good lately. She had a rough month when she tried the alcohol thing but she realized where it was going and decided to quit. She also went through a month of binging behavior and gained like 20 lbs. She has since stopped that and started going back to the gym religiously. I think moving in with the new boyfriend was a good thing for her even though I did not see it as such at the time. He is really easy going, very good to her and a big codie. She has always liked being first in a guy's life. She has gone from 16 mgs. of Suboxone down to 6 but wants to stay there for a while. I told her to take as long as she needs to (we are paying for the script) because it sure beats her using heroin and on the Suboxone she has no cravings at all. Also she attends every meeting that her work schedule allows and they even started an NA meeting up here. Still needs to get a sponser but so do I Hugs, Marle
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Wow! Her dropping the dosage is a HUGE deal. She had to be uncomfortable each time she did it, and yet she still chose to do it again.
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The physical activity is awesome for healing of all kinds. I need to get back on that wagon, too. I've been eating like crazy over the holidays.

Glad she is feeling good! It sounds like things are going well for her. Woo!

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Happy New Year Marle..I am so happy for your family.
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This made me smile very big. I remember when I first came here you were a great support to me, and I remember your daughter was pretty deep into her addiction. I felt close to you because our kids are about the same age, same DOC, etc...and I feel WONDERFUL for you and your D that she has come so very far! Makes me hopeful for the future of my AS..and all of our A's.

May God Bless and keep your family safe and sober...
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Thats wonderful Marle : )
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This is very good to hear
Congratulations to Megan!
....and congratulations to you, Marle
happy, happy
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What great news for both you and Megan!

Please tell her how proud I am of her for doing it one day at a time! We just never, ever know what the future holds nor can we ever count anyone out.

And thank you for all the experience, strength and hope you offer on this board. You are an inspiration.

Hugs and congrats,
Hangin' In
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