Thankfully it's over

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I'm HOME!!!!!
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Thankfully it's over

*****o, we made it through, have to say, there were a couple of times when things almost melted down, but we held it together for my grandson. The daughter and I had a truce to get thru Christmas. This has been one of the most stressful Christmas's I've ever spent

At one point my daughter mentioned casually, that it was tooo bad her boyfriend couldn't be here, that she was worried about him because the homeless shelter's are closed during the day, and because all the stores were closed Christmas day, she wondered what he was doing.

I said, "well, he had the option to come over and wouldn't"....and then we started arguing because she was insistent that he wanted to....till finally I said, "I have the tape upstairs, where he says emphatically that he doesn't want to come over, do you want to hear it again?" That shut her up nicely.

I find since all this happened, she likes to look at me like I"m crazy, and say things don't remember this?????? Really???? Getting a little irritating around my grandson. I'm soooo irritated with her....she's soooo wrapped up about moving back in with the boyfriend and leaving her son AGAIN!! She rationalizes nicely...saying....Ohhh, we're just getting on our feet, then we'll get him back....I just wanna shake her till her teeth rattle. Actually, I'd really like to beat her down!!!! Alas...I think that's illegal, although I now think I'd be doing society a favor.
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i am sorry you are having to deal with all of this with your daughter. i hope she hits her bottom so she can make a home for herself & her son.prayers for you,her & her son. hugs,
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i'm glad its over too!

I often wish I had everything my AD said on tape so that I could play it back when she totally contradicts herself. But somehow I think it wouldn't make a bit of difference!
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You handled it well and I'm sorry it was so stressful.

That baby is blessed to have you. It is one thing when adults make bad choices, but so sad for the innocent children who get caught up in all this.

Hugs to you, NSW, you make it through another one.
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Glad you made it through and your grandson had a nice Christmas. I too admire how you have been there and filled your grandson's life with love and stability. Even though he may act ungrateful or snippy sometimes due to his age, I know he will in time gain a full appreciation for you and your love.

Hope you have some plans for self pampering this weekend - you deserve it!!
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