Bizarre phone call

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Bizarre phone call

So my son has been in the county jail for 6 weeks, and he has 2 weeks to go. I have been learning the reality of taking it one day, one hour at a time. Son has been going to classes and work, so he has been out quite a bit, and I've gotten to see him briefly a couple of times a week. He does seem to be doing okay, counting the weeks, and for the most part staying positive.

Then tonight i get a phone call from someone who says he is from a nearby county jail. I noticed before I answered that the phone id said "private caller" which usually means someone is blocking their number for you to see. He asked me if I knew where my son was. I said he was in jail. He said that they had a warrant for him. I asked what for. He said armed robbery. I asked when this robbery was committed and then he hung up on me.

It sounded like a man,not a boy playing a joke. It scared me so bad. I called my ex and he called his brother who is a cop. He checked the computer and there are no warrants for my sons arrest. Which means that someone did this for the heck of it, I suppose? Why would someone do this? Could it be something that hadn't made it into the computer?

If someone is joking, it makes me feel ill that people could be that cruel. I can't imagine any of his friends even thinking of me or hating me enough to do this.

Anybody out there have any thoughts on this? The call took place at 7:00 on a Saturday night. The guy also told me to have my call him when he got out of jail. That seems a little bizarre. Thanks for any input you all might have about this.
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Sounds a little suspicious to me. If the man actually worked for a jail he would be able to find out where your son was without having to call you. The call wouldn't have come up private caller either. Seems like it would have had a city or county number.

Also sounds very scary. Do you know if your son has any enemies? Anyone who would be looking for him for any reason? Does he owe anyone any money or was he involved in anything that "went bad"?

I would be very careful.

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I would phone and report the call to your local police, just to have it on record. If nothing else, it might need to be documented as a prank call.
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Maybe it is a dealer that your son owes money to. Either way you did not deserve to be upset by this. Next time, don't answer the phone. This is your son's to own not yours. I am sorry that this happened to you. Sending prayers for your son to find recovery and for peace of mind for you. Hugs, Marle
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My first thoughts were the same as suzieq's. Sounds more like someone is trying to find him......and not likely for good or legitimate reasons. Whoever he pissed off has found you, and my advice to you right now is to be very concious of your own safety and surroundings. I don't know a lot about these people, but I know enough to know that they are ruthless and vindictive. Maybe consider changing your number or alerting your local police department. Talk to your son and see if he knows who might be looking for him. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!
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sounds to me, too, like someone wants to find your son and hoped you would tell them where he is if he made it sound 'official'. Let your son know if you want to (his problem, not yours), and then dont' answer the phone from anymore private callers.
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Hello my brother in law work at the sherifs dept in Il and it is a scam what happenes is a in mate will see the number that your son dial's and then they will have someone call and say very mean things so that you will send money for your loved one, It also happened to us. you should call the local police dept and have them take a look at it.I hope this help's you but never give any info out or give them money. Remeber that if your son had a warent out for him they would be able to pull his file if in fact the call was real.Hope this helps you.
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I agree, prank or not, the call should be reported.

I had a dealer call once, threatening to kill my son if I didn't give him money. I called the police, who never did find out who it was, but I made it well known that any threats or intimidation would go straight to the police and I was never bothered again.

We don't need this on top of everything else we endure. Reporting it and keeping it "out there in the open" helps us to let the fear go and let those who know better than us, handle it all.

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Yowza....yeah, I'd call the police. Perhaps they can trace the call. If it really were from a jail or police station, the ID would have shown up on your phone. The reason you need to tell the police is so that you can protect yourself!

Stay safe!!!!:praying
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First and foremost, in the future, do not answer any calls that say "Private Number" as , yes, that usually means the number has been intentionally blocked.

Second, definitely report this call to the police.

Third, I do agree pretty much with what else has been said. As I was reading your post my first thought was, uh oh, son owes a dealer money, dealer is looking for son. Not your problem, son's problem.

I am sorry you were and are scared and yes those types of calls can be very scary.

Maybe now is the time to rethink YOUR boundaries regarding your son. How you are going to act and react with him when he does get out, whether anyone of his 'friends' or enemies can call at your house, etc etc Whether he should be allowed to even come to your house until his ACTIONS show he is in recovery, not his words.

Please keep posting, letting us know how YOU are doing, we do care so very much.

Love and hugs,
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If it happens again,i would call the phone company and make it where my phone will not accept blocked calls.GOOD LUCK!!
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Thanks you all for the heads up. I was thinking it was just one of his loser friends, but I never thought about a dealer. It did sound like a man, not a kid. I will call the police today. Thanks for the warning.
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Impersonating a police officer is a crime - i'm sure some states are different but i've seen where it includes phone and is a felony. might want to put it that way if you call them. i've found talking their language and actually stating what the crime is gets me further than just saying things like i got a weird phone call.

The phone calls always mess with my mind. Trying to figure them out can just throw me into a codie binge for days playing detective just from one phone call. Report it and then try your best to let it go. It could be anything but until you know its something dont let your mind play tricks on you. You can also put a block on these types of numbers where the person has to say who it is before you answer the phone. I'm just guessing here but i bet those recordings stay on the phone companies records for a while.
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