I am glad that I found this site

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I am glad that I found this site

I am so glad I found this site. I have gone to the chat rooms and every one is so understanding and willing to help me cope with this dark days of my life. I miss my son and love him so much at times I think why should I go on crying daily not wanting to get out of bed not wanting to leave the house, walking around in a daze. I need to understand this drug thing why they contine to use when it can and will kill them. I sure my son didn't think he would not live another day when he used again. What I don't understand why he didn't come to me and say I need help. So thanks all for helping me.
Love my boy,

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I am so glad that you found this site too. There have been many deaths in my family on both sides related to addictions. I was the first in my family to break the cycle, and I consider myself blessed.

Pain shared is pain lessened, and I hope you continue to post here. I just know that somehow by sharing your story, someone else's life will be touched, and your son's death will not be in vain.

My ex-husband never found recovery either, and he was buried last year at the age of 47. I truly believe he is finally at peace now.

Sending you warm hugs from Kansas. :ghug :ghug
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Somedays this site has kept me from going completely insane...

I'm so glad that I have found this site too and I'm so glad for the wonderful people on here... they have helped me come a long way in my recovery
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welcome! I have felt the same way you do. I felt by letting my daughter go I was give up on her. I've learned all I was doing was letting go of my control.

Keep coming back, we understand!
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I pray and hope you find true recovery for yourself. I worry everyday that I'm going to get a call to say my AH has overdosed. I feel guilty when I don't give into him but, I know it's the right thing to do. With my high blood presure I need to stop worrying so much or I'll be dead and he will still be doing the same thing.
I am also a member of another website and they have been horrible mean to me and I just want to say that this site feels like home. They call it making me face reality. I call it not giving a person the right to grieve a loss in their own special way.No one ever condemns another for having an opinion and for feeling like they want to express their true feelings on this site. I'm sorry if I love my husband and that I have been nieve for soooo long but, people handle things different ways. I am SOOO THANKFUL for the love on this website!!!!

God bless you and keep you!!!!
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I'm also glad you found Sober Recovery, Maggie.

It helped me regain SOME of my sanity.
I love this place.

Hugs to you.......
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Glad you are here Maggie. I hope that we can be of help. Hugs, Marle
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