Question- on the thanks button

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Question- on the thanks button

Hey guys, hope everyone is haveing a beautiful day!!

Quick question,

Everytime I click on the "thanks" button on the bottom of a members response -

It does eventually put my name on the bottom, but first what comes up, is an error message saying that I don't have access to edit the page or that my account may not have access to that.... etc.

I then have to click out of that screen, go back to the begining of the forums site, go back under the family and friend, then back to the thread again, click "thanks" on the next one and do that whole process all over-

Am I doing something wrong??

Sometimes, I don't say "thanks" because it is soooo time consuming to go back into the begininng every time.


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Geez cess I am glad you said something as I noticed your thanks buttons werent coming as much......

Just kidding.....Dont know what the problem could be....

How are you doing?
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Cess, when you log on do you click the "remember me" check box? I've found if I don't I tend to "time out" of my sign on and then lose things and have to repost, etc. I don't know if that may be what's happening, but it's the only thing I can think of. There is a troubleshooting forum here if that doesn't work.
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