I just made a decision, too spontaneous???

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Question I just made a decision, too spontaneous???

Hi all,
I believe most of you know that I am a nurse. When AH moved back here 6 months ago we put the house on the market because I wanted to move back to Buffalo. Not surprisingly it didn't sell. With the severe decline in the market and all. So, I took it off the market because I got this job only working weekends with full time pay and benefits. So, I find myself alone here again. I prayed for Gods guidance all last night.
So, today I contacted a different real estate agent and he will be coming by this coming Tuesday. My plan is to put the house on the market and then find a travel nursing job in Buffalo, leaving the house vacant but with all of my belongings here. I set the wheels in motion to apply for my NYS RN liscense and have contacted a travel nursing agency.
I can stay with family instead of the agency putting me up and actually make more by not staying in their housing.
I'm hoping I can do this all by Feb-March. I have some little repairs to do on the house and the agent told me to hold off until he assessed what should be done vs. what is not necessary. I'm excited and stressed at the same time. I KNOW that the best thing for me is to be closer to my family. It will also mean being in the same state as AH, which makes me nervous given the fact that I still love him. So, what do you all think??
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first of all it sounds like you have thought of everything. and second of all...states are big places. You sound like a really smart person and you are trying to better yourself. You made all these plans and arrangements all by yourself with no help from AH. If you can do that I bet you can fight the urge to "run" into him. And if you do just remember how much you have accomplished!!!
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If you need to be closer to your family and it feels like the right move then go for it IMHO.
And NY is a big state,you don't have to see him and even if you do, you may just feel a bit different after not seeing him for a while.
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you do sound very smart and it's good to weigh your options. sounds like you've made an educated decision. the market is very bad right now, so best wishes for selling the house.

and being close to your family is important. mine is too far away. me, NYC, they, Georgia.

but now that i think about it, i moved to NYC partially to get away from them. my parents are very heavy drinkers, both brothers alcoholics...but guess am I, and all the problems inside me followed me from GA to NYC and intensified. who knows what would have happened if i had stayed in Atlanta.

but that's beside the point of your post. i think you're making a good move and nurses are in very high demand. best of luck!
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i think it sounds great! in my experience, sometimes spontaneous decisions are the best ones to create quickly needed change. I agree with the others too - being close to family, especially during difficult times, is so important and you're so fortunate to be able to move! it sounds to me like your life is headed in a new, exciting, positive direction. And while it might be happening faster than you planned - getting away from the chaos and negativity is always a good thing!
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