Endings and beginnings

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Endings and beginnings

Today my daughter and her boyfriend were each moving out of their respective apartments and into a house together. It was sad to say goodbye to the little neighborhood and sweet town where she moved a year and a half ago following all kinds of drama when she decided it best to leave another relationship. (Good judgement on her part…his true colors were revealed once she tried to leave) She had to find a place quickly and HP led her to a wonderful place to heal and continue to grow in her recovery. He also led her to her BF, an amazing guy also with multiple years in recovery. So today brought joy too as they started a new path in their journey together.

The place they moved to is such a wonderful spot for them. The house is at least a hundred years old, hardwood floor in the living room and a wonderful carved banister...just steps from the river in a very quaint little city that has been undergoing revitalization. It is still at a crossroads – areas, like where they are, that are renovated and are beautiful neighborhoods, but not yet fully discovered and “yuppified” so prices are reasonable. All the homes around them are quite old and beautiful and they are just a block or two from a neat little downtown area. At the end of the street is an access point for the river, (I’m already making plans for my kayak next Spring, lol) ...a beautiful, tranquil place to go. A block up the river is the town library…how cool to be a stones throw from a library! Their place has a nice yard with a big evergreen tree and it is surrounded by an old black wrought iron fence - it even has the name of the blacksmith engraved in it.

The area has quite a few recovery houses and really solid NA programs. Many of the kids stay in the area as they grow in recovery and move out on their own, so several of their friends live within 2 or 3 blocks of them - it just seems perfect; I'm so very happy for them.

Several of their recovery friends and the parents on both sides helped out with the moves- we all actually had fun and tons of laughter in the process. I really enjoy all these kids…they are such a message of hope – such proof of how great life can be when you keep the focus on working a program.

So tonight I am especially grateful – for the wonderful things HP has brought to my daughter and her BF and for the joy they bring to my life.
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Reading your description of their new home and surrendings sounds so peaceful and serene. I wish your daughter luck and happiness in her new home. It sounds lovely and what a nice way to start a new life. Older homes have such character and decorating it will be fun. You sound at peace and should be. It's great to be happy and content. Hugs, Bonnie
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What a wonderful new home for them! It sounds like a nice start to a nice life together. I'm happy for them, and happy for you. You sound like you're at peace with all of it, and it's good when us moms are happy.

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Oh Greet...what a journey your daughter has traveled. I am so happy for all of you and excited for her in her new house.
Many great wishes sent to all as life unfolds.
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That is so wonderful. How exciting for all of you.
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Love Love Love your family's recovery.
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What a great day and a beautiful way to start fresh!
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It sounds absolutely beautiful, you describe it so well, I feel like I was there.

How wonderful that she found such a nice young man to share her life with and great friends that would help them out.

A beautiful home, a terrific support network, a loving and caring doesn't get much better than that.

I'm so happy for her and for you Greet. Thank you for the inspiration and hope this morning, you made my day.

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Greet, Your decription is so vivid. Thank you for the tour. How absolutly wonderful & exciting that Megan & her boyfriend are starting something that is theirs. Not just his or hers but theirs. I'm sitting here with a smile on my face that her journey has brought her to such special people & places. She was definitly thrown some stumbling blocks (ok boulders) and has overcome each with such pride & dignity. I am so happy for them both. I't sounds so special that you, the "inlaws", & friends were a part of their new beging.
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Gosh I am so happy to hear about your daughter's move and her good fortune. It sounds like she has a great community to support her and that will help keep her on a healing and fun journey.
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I love this story of hope and recovery. I am so happy for you and your daughter.
What you describe sounds like the home my son#1 and his wife moved into. They restored the whole house and it is just beautiful. It is also near where the three rivers at the point of Pittsburgh meet. It has bike trails along the river and they ride quite a bit. My Son is a writer and works from home and my DIL is a interior designer and works in the city and rides her bike to work on beautiful days.

I love these old neighborhoods with all of the history. Sounds like a perfect place to start their life together.

Blessings on your daughter and bf................Lo
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Dear Greet, I am so happy for you, your daughter, her BF & the whole family. Recovery is wonderful. It makes life worth living.
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It sounds like an absolute dream. I am so glad that they found a great place to begin their life together. Hugs, Marle
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The house sounds absolutely beautiful, and I'm sitting here with a big smile on my face, thinking of you on the kayak, and them enjoying their life, surrounded by family and supportive friends.

Hugs and prayers!

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