I Was Right

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I Was Right

My son sent me a letter the other day & told me why he was so late getting back to Wk Release. I knew coke had to have something to do with it & I was right. He told me he got out of work early & this girl's mother asked him to get her a $40 bag of coke, so he did. He said naturally she offered him some & one line turned into 20. He said I know mom you are right I cannot have anything to do with it. Well it is costing him another 14 months in jail. I know now he says it wasn't worth it.
All I can do is pray he gets the help he needs to get clean, and stay clean.
He is not getting out till Dec 25th, 09 but there is a chance they will send him to Wk Release again in Jan. I sure hope they do as if he can't make it in Wk Release he won't be abel to make it once he is out.
Thanks for listening,
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Oh(( Diane)), I am sorry to hear about his additional time...boy, this is one time when we don't want to be right..
and I appreciate that you are choosing not to focus on how he got the coke but rather, looking forward with strength and hope to a better day for him...
prayers that he will be sent to work release and his time will be well spent towards recovery..... and strength and serenity for you...hugs, Grateful

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:ghug :ghug
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At least he told you the truth about it I think that was a good thing. I am sorry he is in there for the holidays, hopefully he might get that work release again and make better choices. ((Hugs)) to you...
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oh, dianne, i am sorry. i guess it is a good thing he is back in jail. they all regret what they do. i think work release is a good thing. i think it helps them make it on the stret. prayers for you & your son.
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All for a night on's unreal Rozied!!!

Huggs for you today!!!
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I know you didn't WANT to be right, but it just proves your mom instincts are right on target.

Ya know? Maybe he will finally ACCEPT the fact that he just can't do that stuff any more. I hope and pray that he does. For us A's, that's the hardest part, but most of us do finally get to that point.

Hugs and prayers!

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I'm confused?
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First thank you all for your support. Hugs back to you all.
Baxter, I don't understand your post, what r u confused about?
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I guess sometimes they NEED to experience a relapse to get their head on straight. This may not be a bad thing, it may keep him sober in the long run, if you think of it as another learning experience.

Hugs from one mom to another.....
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I'm sorry. That was supposed to be on a totally different area I was in. Trying some email with site and I guess I don't quite multi task very well.

Glad he finally admitted to the truth. You knew the story had more to it.

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Hi Rozied
Long time hey! You have come along way girl so here's a big hug for you.
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Thanks Moose, Thats exactely what Joey said in his letter. He was going to look at it as a learning experience. A pretty big one if you ask me. He also writes he is full of regret. wishing he could turn back the clock etc etc.
Well 14 more months out of his life. I said from the beginning of this imprisonment that he should stay in until his time was up. He couldn't deal with that he said which is why my ex arranged to buy his car to get money to pay a lawyer.
NOW my ex asked my dad if he could put the car in the paper for him to sell it !!! He mailed the title back to my dad. I am going to bring the car here & put it on my property, and if my ex asks me about it I am going to tell him we are keeping the money. I will either give it bk to my dad or if my parents agree use the money to help Joey when he gets out. He has never done anything for his kids, let him pay his cousin bk at $50 a month. My ex will get that money over my dead body. I told him to leave Joey there & not to get involved. He has beat enough people in his life, let him see how it feels besides I am not beating him he owes his sons a hell of alot more than that. My dad is way too soft.
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