Got a spectacular phone call last night!

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Got a spectacular phone call last night!

Oh WOW! I dont know where to start. For the last year I have been looking online for my childhood best friend. We lost contact years ago when we started growing up and having kids. We were just crazy kids. We were good but we learned so much from each other. She liked me when I moved there and noone else did. SHe went to a catholic school and I went to public school. We did everything together from babysitting, roller skating, parties, playin video games for days on end, all kinds of school functions, you name it, we did it together.

For some reason Ive been thinking about her alot this year. I decided to look at and with the use of Myspace, I found her! We talked for like almost 4 hours last night. SHe has been married for the last 13 years, has 3 kids bout the same ages as mine, and is a nurse and going to college! She only lives about 30 minutes away and we will be seeing each other pretty soon. We didnt set a day yet as with 3 kids to each of us and a husband to boot, we gotta plan around all that! But its coming soon and what a day it will be! I AM SO EXCITED! Sometimes you get the little things in life that are so great! Its so strange that after all these years we can still pick up where we left off and its like no time has really passed between to make us that much different. Just a little older (and wiser) but still can be so close. She said she has been thinking about me alot this year too. And the funny thing is she said she never checks her Myspace very often. I noticed the last time she had checked her Myspace was a few months ago. It keeps record of your last log in and how many people have previewed your account. She just happened to log in to her account last night and there was a message waiting form me.

What happiness I am having today! I just thought to bring it here to share with some of you. After all you are my friends here and we loe good news too!

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Whoo-hoo! Congrats on the happy moments - these are the moments life is made for!
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Isn't the internet fantastic!! I am glad you found your childhood friend and esspecially someone you were particulary close with. Get together with her real soon!

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how great!!!

sounds like a Higher Power working again!!!
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