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For some reason, I have finally gotten a glimpse of serenity. The day that my son was supposed to go to jail. Due to a court snafu on records, he won't go in until tomorrow. I have walked through some pretty serious grief over the past three weeks, always wanting to crawl into bed. Crying intermittently. Closing off myself to others. I expect that will have a recurrence of that throughout the time he is in jail. But I am trying to focus on the steps, yet again, and take on one day at a time.

Have any of you seen the steps study at the top of the page? It really is good, to see how others on this site work through the steps helps me find my own way. It is all about fixing the only thing you can fix. Yourself. Anyway, check them out.

So I am feeling serene in the midst of the storm.Thanx for the support of this site and the awesome people here. You all are the best.
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I long for that type of feeling. Not wanting to be any place other than where I am at the moment. I do have the whole dog thing going though! She is a blessing and for the moment, I will take comfort in her peace, love and serenity.
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My daughter is in bed and doing her best to sleep through withdrawals. After being in the hospital and having surgeries, she doesn't want to go back for detox. Neither one of us knows if she can handle it on her own or if I'll be driving her there in the middle of this night.

But I have serenity and like anvilhead, I'm watching the game too. I've said my prayers for her and I both, for serenity and God's strength, doing the next right thing. I feel the same way, there's no place I'd rather be right now. For this moment everything is right in my world and I'm happy.
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Finding meetings, a sponsor and working the steps is what brought me the serenity I know today. I think it is something that we need to experience before we can understand just what serenity means.

Serenity, for me, today means that no matter what life hands me, I know I will be okay. It`s a knowing that I didn`t have before, and replaced the fear of the unknown.

This program is about working the steps and learning a better way to live. That sounds so simple, so easy, but it`s probably the hardest work I ever did....and the most rewarding as well.

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Thanks Ann... oh, and good morning. I have been thinking about going back to a meeting for quite sometime. I went a few years ago and although it was very emotional and sometimes draining.... I know it did me good.

The meeting that I used to go to is on Tuesday night's... tonight. I am thinking I need to cast my vote for me and get there. I pray for the strength to reach out and get myself there. Thanks for the reminder and gentle push.
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Life has been very busy lately, and serenity for me , right now, in this moment is grateful I am for where I am, so grateful for the opportunities God has given me to serve, and the simple pleasures of being and the comforts that surround me..
like Ann, my serenity is hard won, looking around, taking stock and knowing I am okay, and will be okay, right where I am.
Khrea, thank you for this lovely thread. Hugs, Grateful
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serinity is work & i am will to do it. i work it everyday. i try to keep the focus on me & say my prayers every morning for my son & grandson & let it go. it does "hit" you some times & probley always will but i can be happy in myself knowing the 3c's. prayers for you & your son.
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I truly believe that Hp gives us that glance at serenity during the most painful times if we are willing to see it. I saw it in my darkest hours...I truly did not know how or why I came upon it then, but I understood what it was and how it helped me live through the pain. Catching that glimpse made me more determined to work hard on my program to keep it. Like Ann, now I know that no matter what life hands me I can be okay. I've made it through the worst thing I can imagine and I found peace and serenity in the process.

Thanks Khrea...beautiful post

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Good morning,
Serenity came into my life, when I realized I couldn't actually "fix" anybody, or anything. (silly me, thought I could)
When I grasped the total reality of powerlessness, I had my lightbulb moment.

We all can have serenity, if we have the faith that someone else has a plan for each and everyone of us.

Sober Recovery
Reading 12 Step Material

All these are helping me everyday...
I'm a work in progress!

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When I "really" turn my will and my life over to my higher power and let him take care of the loved one I am worried about then I have Serenity....I have to do this everyday, some days I don`t do so well, but I`m getting there...It sure does help to read all these posts..
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Neat thought Greet, that the glimpses of serenity come in our darkest hours. I do feel the strength that I can't explain. It could be from your prayers, my prayers, my friends....or my God. I just felt serene reading all of your posts about what serenity is and isn't. Thanks for the lift in my day.
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So many years ago when I was a teenager, I had to find serenity after something traumatic. When it came over me, when I finally gave in and let go, it felt like a blanket of love drifting over me from above.

Earlier this year when I thought I was losing my mind, I remembered that previous time in my life, the serenity I found. I wanted it again so badly and knew what I had to do.

The difference between now and then is that I want serenity every day, not just during stressful times. I have to actively reach for it before I can accept it.
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I have learned that serenity comes from inside me. And it is mine. It never goes away. It is always there for me to call on should I need it. Somedays it's buried deeper than others. But even if I can't find it today, I know it's there somewhere and it'll probably be back tomorrow.
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I'm so glad you've found your serenity.

I am struggling, like crazy, with health issues lingering after I was robbed and hit on the head, money problems that just won't go away, and yet I am remarkably peaceful.

I'm doing what I can, and have turned the rest over. God has never let me down, and I don't expect He will, now. We all can find a lot to be grateful for, and that always puts me in a better frame of mind.

Hugs and prayers!

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