Question about crack

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I agree with you liesagain, nearly everyone in my family is an alcoholic, I really believe it has alot to do with things that we really have no control over. I don't have an addictive behavior, unless you count shoe shopping an addiction! I have tried coke (20+ years ago) before my children were born and have never felt the urge to do it again. I also think my boyfriends issues are the addictive personality and his inner pain from several things, all of which I have no real idea what they all are. I do know he had unresolved issues with his mother when she passed away 20+ years ago, and that is a huge source of pain for him. My hurt and pain is horrible, but realizing that I can not cure him and I can't change him is killing me, I always want to fix things. I don't want to walk away, but feel that maybe my only option at this time.

I appreciate all of your comments, they are extremely helpful and encouraging.

Thank you all!

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My exah's addiction is to crack. He said he was taught how to smoke it by a fellow drug user when he couldn't get cocaine up his nose becaused it was so stuffed up from using. When he tried it the high was just so much more than cocaine was.
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tried it, never got addicted. It was not my thing to get hooked on.
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