OT - attention from ex

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OT - attention from ex

Hi ladies.

I was at the grocery store yesterday and ran into an ex boyfriend of mine (not an addict at all, go figure!) and his new son. A few weeks ago I was outside and they were driving by and he stopped, so I've actually ran into him a couple of times recently. He's a nice guy but there was never much chemistry physically, more like best friends. We only dated a couple times. He had the son after we broke up, and the girl was kind of my friend before but we've all lost touch. Anyway, no interest in him that way.

Anyway, got home today and he had left a bottle of wine with a note that just said "enjoy". Don't even know if I have his number anymore to thank him... or if I should. Maybe I should just "enjoy" sometime as he said?

I guess I'm overthinking. He didn't even make a point of waiting till I was here to give it to me - just so used to being manipulated, maybe! Just wanted to know if you would make the effort to say thank you or just let it be.
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My life got a lot better when I quit trying to read other people's minds. LOL. You can't know what he was thinking or what his motives were unless he tells you. In the meantime, enjoy that nice bottle of wine and send a nice note ( or just a prayer) of thanks for friends with good taste.


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True, true. I was actually quite proud of myself that I didn't grab the phone to make some weird thank you or worse, the weird thank-you-message.

He said "enjoy". I will. 'Nuff said.
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