She is still drinking

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Sending prayers to both of you. Sounds like the boyfriend might be deciding he wants to be in charge? After all us mothers know nothing, and they tend to know it all.

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Marle, when you said that he told you his sister was an addict, I couldn't have been less surprised.

Hang in there, you are not alone! :ghug2
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Sorry you have to go through this again. Maybe she'll wake up soon an get back on her program. Your one strong lady sending prayers your way.
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We know how easy it is to get sucked into the drama of it all. Take care of yourself, Marle.
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I feel for you.
She is still better off than before.
let's hope her slide won't ever be a low.
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I'm sorry that you are having to watch Megan in her denial. But let it remind you that we all get caught in denial at times, and do have to go back to step one- both the addicted ones, and the codependents. It is good that you are a shining example for your daughter in returning to the steps, knowing that that is where you will find peace and serenity again. Hands off the addict, even though you want to help so bad, right? I suffer from the same problems here and am realizing I need to get myself back to step one as well. So in your pain, thank you for the reminder.
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I admire your insight and fortitude in setting the boundary that you have. It seems to me to be the wisest choice - and probably a very difficult one.

I think this is part of the journey some addicts have to walk - realizing that all substances are poison to them.

God Bless you as you walk this portion of the journey - prayers for your daughter's recovery and your peace.
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Just thinking of you today. For some reason I'm thinking "one day at a time, one day at a time." Maybe because that is the way I had to do and still have to do my life. Glad recovery has taught me that. Living the other way always got me so overwhelmed.

Prayers for you and your daughter.

Love ya,
Hangin' In
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I am doing just fine. I have let her go. I have even made some amends to her for getting into her stuff in the first place. She is living on her own and paying for all her stuff. Her boyfriend may be a big codie but he will learn in his own time. I am going to add another Ala-non meeting on Saturday mornings. I would add more but that is all we have in our area. And I am going to begin to search for a sponser. I let my focus slip for a short while but am back on track now. Thanks for all the prayers. I know my daughter has the tools and she is an adult. Her choices. Hugs, Marle
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And there you go, Marle. You had it in you, all the time.
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Marle, i know you would love to be able to stop it before it starts..or goes any further. Hopefully it won't. Take care of Mom, ok. I will say a prayer for Megan tonight...Hugs to you.
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Marle, You are such a strong woman and an example to me of what may be in my near future. Chris hasn't had any family in a week and althou that is Ok~~with his not answering his phone I fear something just isn't right. I'm reading and reading here for the strenght to do what I have to. I preay for you and your daughter and all the lost sould out there. This is so darn tough...Smiles, Bonnie
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She is trying every which way to figure out how to still get high- switching from one drug to another and saying this other drug is not a problem is a classic addict move. Unfortunately, all part of the process of complete surrender - hopefully soon.
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(((((Marle)))))) Praying that Megan finds her point of total surrender soon. Thank you for sharing your experience, strength and hope here. Seeing how you have chosen to handle this situation is a wonderful example for all of us. Lots of hugs.
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Man oh man - what a great thread of ESH for me. Marle, I feel like you are holding the flashlight and shining the way for many of us here. Thank you so much for sharing this part of your journey.

You and your daughter continue on in my, Donna
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Your so strong, I am glad to hear your ok. Funny how they think they are so smart when it is so obvious to us parents they aren't.
Sorry you have to go through this again, but you have the tools and know the way this time. I pray for you!
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