prayer request

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prayer request

RAD has to appear tomorrow am before the grand jury as a witness concerning her ex-ab's charges. She is definitely scared and worried about how that will go and if she will see him there. She does not want to see him if she can help it.
She asked if I would take the day off and ride up to give her some moral support.
Wonderful (codie?) mom that I am I will be on the road bright and early to get there and be with her.
She is trying to keep her cool about all of this but it's getting harder and harder. Only one time has she even said that she considered relapse, and that was just quick thought that oblivilon would be nice. But with 15 months clean she said she wouldn't ever go there.
Right now, she is sitting in her car that has decided to drip gasoline all over the parking lot of the college campus. It's almost 7 pm and how many garages are open then? On the bright side it has totally taken her mind off of tomorrow.....

If anyone has a spare minute could you include her in your prayers, I really think she could use them.
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Big HUGS and PRAYERS going out to your daughter to do what she needs to do what is right.
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Prayers for you and your daughter.
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Prayers that your daughter will get through tomorrow okay. Also I don't consider you going there to be with her codie. I think that you are giving her positive support and that is a very good thing to do. Hugs, Marle
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Prayers coming your way - I agree with Marle you're giving her positive support, not being a codie. You're being a mom.
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Big hugs and prayers to you and your daughter. I agree...I don't think you're being a codie to go with her...just a supportive mom.

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Sending more prayers your way - for you and your daughter, and good luck with the car problems -- they are NO fun!
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thanks to all
will update later
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Sending hugs & prayers
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CindeRella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life!
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's and prayers coming towards her-
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Prayers for you and your daughter. :ghug:praying
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Car problems are bummers, always when you least them. I think your being a supportive mom too. Hope all goes better:praying
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Coming in late but adding my prayers. I think you are a loving mom to be there for her. it's what we do
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