My Son Called Me

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My Son Called Me

The phone rang last nite around 8pm. It was my son Joey. He was at Work Release & called to tell me he loved me & he is really trying to get well. He said what happened to him at Wk Release last time was a farce. He had been really trying. He had 3 clean urines & 2 clean breathalizers cuz he was working at a place that served alcohol. He said the bartender he had the arguement with was a racist & had done everything she could to get him to lose his temper which he did & thats why he was fired & went bk to jail.
He then said I am his Mother & he would respect me as such.
It was so good to hear his voice. He sounded clear headed & strong.
I am praying he makes it this time.
Thank you for all your support. You guys are the best.
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I'm SOOOOO glad he called you, and he sounds good.

What he says about the job may very well be true, but he still has to learn to control his temper and maybe this is what he needed to realize that?! I got really mad at my boss the other day, and wanted to quit. I can't, though, because I have to work and jobs are pretty scarce out there. In the past, I would have just quit. Some of us have to learn thing the hard way, but as long as we learn, it works out.

He sounds good, and it sounds like he really is trying. I'm glad he told you he loves you and will respect you.

This post just made my day!!!!

Hugs and prayers!

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He loves you on his best day and on his worst day, just as you love him. That's how it is with moms and addicts, we just lose sight of this sometimes.

I'm glad he called, Rozie, and know the relief you must feel.

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Yeah, I'm so happy you heard from him. Glad he sounded strong and we all knew he loved you, never had any doubt, but I'm glad you got to hear him say it.

What a wonderful gift.
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the girl can't help it
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I too am glad for you that your son called. It sounds like he may be getting it which is really good.
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Thanks Amy, Ann & Baxter, It was good to hear his voice, being he was in jail I was pretty sure he was ok but it was still good to hear from him. It is so sad that we have to think of it as a gift when we hear from one of our own children, but once they become addicts its the sad truth.
Splendra thanks very much.
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OH diane, Thats wonderful. I'm glad he called you and now you can breathe deeply and try to relax. Hopefully he'll get alot out of where he is and come home a healthier person. I'm rooting for him and you !! Smiles, Bonnie
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Awww I'm so glad he called, and now you can rest easier, knowing he's giving recovery a good go.

Okay, deeep breath......

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Thanks, All I know is that it still scares me so. He has messed up his life so bad, how is he ever gonna make it? He has so many strikes against him. No drivers license, a convicted felon. Jim would never let him live with us & I know my parents don't need him living there when they are going on 89 but that is what my son wants to do.
Oh how I pray he would get into a long term program but all I can do is pray!
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Hi Diane, I wanted Chris to go to a long term recovery place also but he thought not!! Poohhhh~~~~ But, so far so good. I'm glad you had the opportunity to talk to him though...
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Diane, I am so glad that he called. Just remember to let him do things his way and not to have too big of expectations. I know that is hard to do, but he has to find his own way and maybe, just maybe this time he will. Sending hugs and prayers, Marle
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Rozied, I am so happy to here your son called and gave such awesome new. Yes it is sad that we think of it as a gift, but as we all know we don't hear it often enough when they are using unless they want something. So it is a gift in the sense he told you when he is clean. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for the rest, practice what we are all trying to learning, patience and trust in the HP to lead us where we are supposed to go. My son is in the same situation right now but as long as he keeps making the next right choice, I am happy and try not to borrow trouble in the future. As mothers that is hard for us to do but G*D has a plan for him and will lead him there according to his plan.

Bless you on this great day, Hugs and Prayers,
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Thanks Barb, BBD & Marle, I am happy he sounds good. Time will tell how he does. I know it is all in God's hands.
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It's great that he's trying.
Maybe it really will work this time.
Mom hugs to you!!
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I'm really glad he called Rozied - I know you worry so I am happy you have a reprieve and some peace. Try not to project what will happen when he is uses up time that could be filled with joyful things.

It is so sad that we have to think of it as a gift when we hear from one of our own children,

I don't find it sad anymore that I view contact with my daughter as a gift. I have found that when I view things as gifts and little miracles, my perspective stays positive; I don't feel a victim, and the number of gifts in my life multiplies. I hope you find the same. Hugs
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