My RAD was askied..

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Smile My RAD was askied..

My 22 year old Rad was asked to be a speaker at the "Spirit of Love" NA convention in Feb. Her topic is "Why we are here". I was so surprised she said yes. She has come a long way. Another sweet moment in her recovery.
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Helpus, That is really wonderful to see a young person really working recovery. You must be so proud and her too. Hugs and thanks for sharing. Marle
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Fabulous news. That's a milestone, for sure.
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That's fantastic!!

Hugs and prayers to you both!

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That's wonderful! What an honor and I am so glad she accepted!
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such an honor & she has earned every bit of it. i am proud of her. hugs & prayers for you both,
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OH How truely wonderful. Stories of hope and courage! I am so very proud. Prayers to you both!
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That is wonderful news!

Good for her!
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Congratulations to your daughter. You must be overflowing with pride right now.
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Thats just super.....You must be beaming...
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Congrats to your daughter - someone must think she has good recovery. And what an honor and privilege to be able to give back by sharing her story. To give e s and hope to someone.

I know you are so proud of her!

Love in recovery,
Jody Hepler

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Thanks for sharing and what an inspiration
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What wonderful news, you must be soooooo proud of her. It's great that she has been through so much and has kept her head and her recovery.

Doing the happy dance for her, and you too!!!!!
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GOOD FOR HER!!!!!! Her recovery must be showing! Sure makes a mama feel good, huh?

So happy for both of you!

Hangin' In
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Love, love, love progress in recovery. How fantastic that your daughter has something to offer, something to share and something for you to be proud about.
Bravo !!!!
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Ouahhhhh that's great news indeed! I'm very proud of her
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