Eat, Pray, Love

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Eat, Pray, Love

Has anyone read this book by Elizabeth Gilbert? I hardly ever watch daytime tv but my grandson was taking a nap so I turned on Oparah. I didn't catch the begining but they were talking about the book "Eat, Pray, Love" It sounds like an awesome read.

Some of the discusion was from "Richard" a person in the book. His take on a "Soul Mate". He said there is a great misunderstanding surronding soul mates comming into our lives, that harps are playing ect. He says a soul mate sometimes enters our life & is someone to stir things up. To hold up the mirror so we can see ourselves more clearly.

Antogonize us & make us so uncomfortable we have to change. We can't continue to look at the same thing because we're looking at it clearly now.

A soul mate sometimes has a very short shelflife. The encounter is so intense & clarifying, that we burn those things quickly.

The the author "Liz" said alot of times she has been asked over the years "so your husband, is he your soul mate?" She said she thinks thank God no, he is my husband. There are times in my life I have felt certain I met my soul mate-that word was a mask for infatuation & that is toxic to me. My symptoms for a soulmate are that I completly loose myself in you. I see a soul mate is actually sort of a vortex I get sucked down into & all I want to do is please you & finish each others sentences & that is something that is not good for me. For me I'm coming with a pretty whole soul to this person I'm married to now. He's got a soul, I've got a soul & we are each others mates. We're walkning through life side by side looking outward, not sewn together in a really disfunctional way. That's a big change for me & a good one. I guess the book is about a spiritual journey. One question your supposed to ask yourself everyday is "What do I really really really want?"

Liz says to do things that help you step into your own worth, fill up your own skin with yourself. That that alone becomes your offering. Every person you meet, you transmit that to & you comunicate that & you give them courage.
A couple other nice things said were "when you dicover the world around you, you also discover the world within you". & a song by Lenord Cohen that says"There's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in"

Can you tell I'm excited to get the book? I guess they are also making a movie about the book & Julia Roberst will be playing "Liz"

Has anyone here read it?
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Nope, but it does sound interesting. Thanks for letting us know! It really is amazing to me how many things that aren't 12 step are so 12 step-ish. The idea of not losing one's sense of self in a relationship is one I think many codies grapple with, and recovery sure helps to develop healthier interactions.
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Yes, I read the book and loved it! It was so much about where I'm at. On a spiritual search. I am a Christian, but i am interested in other religions and what they have to teach us. This book explores a lot of paths that people take towards wholeness. Enjoy the read.
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I also read the book when it first came out. It is very much a "self discovery book; it does make you think about what is really important to you and why. I enjoyed it very much.
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